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Liveblog: Apple’s monstrous Q4 earnings call

Apple is ready to report its financial results for Q4 2015 to this afternoon and, as usual, investors are expecting it to be another record-breaker. Cult of Mac will be here to liveblog all the action, from the numbers down to the analysts’ questions. iPhone 6s sales will loom large on the minds of investors […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple posts monstrous Q2 2015 results with $58 billion in revenue

Apple has released the numbers for its Q1 2015 financial results, and they’re monstrous. Not only did Apple manage to have the second most successful earnings in the company’s history, but it blew past Wall Street’s expectations with a monstrous…Read more ›

Release the Kraken: Hands-on with monstrous console game Evolve

In 2K’s upcoming game, Evolve, I was a monster. It was my job to stalk the surrounding map, eating smaller creatures in order to build up my armor and get evolution points, which would let me add and strengthen my…Read more ›

Fun Game: Power Your Weekend With a Monstrous Slice of Jealousy

Every week Mac Games and More (http://www.macgamesandmore.com/) features a casual, game just for you to get into over the weekend. This week, entangle yourself in a web of lies, revenge, secrets and many characters, some of whom are angry enough to kill! Download it and try the free one hour demo now

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This Monstrous Mech Suit Is The Coolest iPhone Accessory Youll Never Own

This thing is absolutely insane. That’s all we can think of when watching the video of this huge mech suit built by Suidobashi Heavy Industries. Not only is it gigantic, but it’s fully functional, with robotic arms, BB gatling guns, water bottle launchers, and a kick-ass cockpit that looks like something out of your favorite video game.

The Kuratas, is a 13-foot, 4.4-ton metal mech suit. The best part is that  [Read More…]

This Monstrous, Sex-Crazed Alien Wants To Take A Crack At Siri [MWC 2012]

BARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 In Russia, if you want to come up with a mascot for your company or a character for your app, theres no focus groups or testing: it all comes from the top down. Thats why when Russian app development and publishing company iFree wanted to release a new virtual assistant for Android and iOS to take on  [Read More…]