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Gorgeous puzzler Mekorama could be this year’s Monument Valley

As anyone who has read my coverage of the superb iOS game Monument Valley will know, I’m a huge sucker for beautiful puzzle games. Well, it seems that 2016’s going to be a good year for me (and plenty of likeminded gamers), since a new trailer showing off an upcoming iOS game called Mekorama, built by […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Stunning iOS puzzler Monument Valley goes free for first time

Tremendous iOS puzzle game Monument Valley has just gone free on iOS for the first time in its history. Inspired by the surrealistic designs of M.C. Escher, the title is a triumph of isometric design, in which the player guides a princess through a series of impossible structures in a game that Apple lyrically described as, “akin […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Only 5% of Monument Valley installs on Android were paid for

One of the biggest reasons why many app developers continue to snub Android is piracy. The platform’s “open” approach, which allows applications to be downloaded from third-party sources and installed manually, makes it incredibly easy for users to circumvent Google Play…Read more ›

Eight new levels of Monument Valley are coming next week

Monument Valley is my pick for iOS game of the year; a twisting, gorgeous, MC Escher-style puzzler that’s spellbinding from start to finish. And given that it has received upwards of 1 million downloads, I’m far from alone in thinking…Read more ›

The real reason Russians tore down Steve Jobs’ monument

Steve Jobs’ monument in Russia was torn down the day after CEO Tim Cook opened up about being gay last week. The incident was immediately blamed on homophobic Russians and the country’s anti-gay laws, but the school where the monument…Read more ›

Steve Jobs monument removed by homophobic Russians

A monument to Steve Jobs has been removed from St. Petersburg in the aftermath of Tim Cook publicly coming out as gay. While Cook’s eloquent and poignant essay was largely greeted by celebrations online, in Russia it prompted bigoted comments from…Read more ›

Appy days: Monument Valley passes 1 million paid downloads

In what has been a great year for iOS gaming, Monument Valley stands head and shoulders above most of its competition. Part M.C. Escher and part Fez, the game lets you journey through a surrealist world full of optical illusions…Read more ›

The trippy world of Monument Valley goes on sale for $1.99

As you can see from the exclusive “making of” feature I wrote a few months back, I’m a massive fan of Monument Valley, the surrealistic M.C. Escher-inspired iOS puzzle game that rocked the App Store earlier this year. A recent…Read more ›

Apple crowns the best designed apps of 2014: Monument Valley, Day One, and more

Thousands upon thousands of apps are submitted to the App Store each year, but only a select few have been honored with an Apple Design Award. The most beautiful, well designed apps get crowned by Apple annually at WWDC. “The developers…Read more ›

New Monument Valley Levels Are In The Works

If there are two things you’re likely to hear from Monument Valley players it’s this: “Wow, what an incredibly original game” and “That didn’t take long to complete.” Both statements are totally factual. Ustwo’s puzzle game masterpiece is one of…Read more ›