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Sure, you’ve got Touch ID set up on your iPhone 6, but you’ll still need a passcode to keep your iPhone secure. If you have an older iPhone without Touch ID, or your fingerprint isn’t recognized for any reason, you’ll… Read more ›

Your Mac computer is a precision device. Take care of it with quality made products designed to complement your Mac’s features, providing you with a more robust computing experience. Take advantage of low prices and free US shipping for the… Read more ›

Smartphone users know that sharing personal data with apps can be part of the price of free apps, but when it comes to how frequently those apps give that data to third parties, the numbers will shock you. A new… Read more ›

Imagine getting early access to videos from your favorite YouTube channels, like Good Mythical Morning or Smosh. Now imagine paying for the privilege. Vessel, from former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar and CTO Richard Tom, proposes you do just that: pay… Read more ›

Complement your Apple user experience with a hot, new product from Cult of Mac Deals where you’ll always find cool gear and awesome prices. Save big right now on some of our best deals including the KeySmart 2.0, the ZeroLemon… Read more ›

Cult of Mac Deals is all about giving readers killer bargains on sweet tech products that you can really use. Today we put a spotlight on several deals that are coming to a close very soon to make way for… Read more ›

Nintendo has always been adamant it wouldn’t develop games for smartphones and tablets, but it has finally given in. Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and other popular franchises could soon be coming to Android and iOS after the Japanese company confirmed it will… Read more ›

How Pixar helped Jobs build a more collaborative Apple

The new Steve Jobs biography, Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader, promises plenty of fascinating tidbits about the life of Apple’s co-founder, some of which we’ve revealed here. But the real thing I’m excited… Read more ›

Two bits of news have emerged for anyone excited about Apple’s upcoming 12-inch+ iPad Pro. Sources from the Chinese supply chain suggest that the tablet will come equipped with Oxide LCD display technology, while a separate report from the Wall… Read more ›

This time last week, Pebble announced Pebble Time, its brand new smartwatch for 2015. And if you’ve already backed that thinking it would keep you going until a more extravagant successor to the Pebble Steel came along, you’re going to… Read more ›