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Apple Wants Your iMac (And Maybe Your Future iTV) To Use Kinect-Like Motion Control Tech

In a new patent just published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple has described a future system for controlling Macs using body language and gesturing, much like the Xbox 360?s Kinect. But frankly, if any Apple product is likely to use motion control, it’s the rumored iTV.   AppleInsider reports: Apple envisions a user interface that would allow a person to more naturally use their hands and fingertips  [Read More…]

Scroll In Super Slow Motion In OS X Lion [OS X Tips]

Here’s a neat and simple trick that will slow down scrolling to a nice, leisurely pace — great if you’re trying to read while scrolling.   Welcome to Keir Thomas, author of the new book Mac Kung Fu, which contains over 300 tips, tricks, hints and hacks for OS X Lion. He’s going to be sharing with us some of his favorite and most useful tips for OS X in the  [Read More…]

Hold Shift Key to Use Launchpad in Slow Motion

Hold Shift for Slow Motion in Launchpad Like most of the other transition effects in Mac OS X, you can hold down the shift key to force the animation to render in slow motion. In the case with Launchpad, this will cause the app icons to slowly rise out of the background, or for the Launchpad screens to very slowly switch between one another. Trying this out for yourself is simple  [Read More…]

Enable Motion Blur in Mission Control for Mac OS X Lion

Motion Blur in Mission Control on Mac OS X Lion Mission Control in Mac OS X Lion has a hidden motion blur effect that can be enabled quite easily: Enter Mission Control Press Command+M to enable motion blur You can then see the blur effect by moving about with the standard Mission Control actions, from entering and exiting into Mission Control, clearing the desktop windows, switching between desktops, to selecting apps  [Read More…]

Enable Motion Blur Effect for Launchpad Movements in Mac OS X Lion

Blur Launchpad Movements in Mac OS X Lion Want to add some additional eyecandy to Mac OS X Lion‘s Launchpad feature? Open Launchpad and hit Command+M to enable a motion blur that is seen at various Launchpad events. You can immediately see the effect by swiping between Launchpad screens or by using the Command+Arrow keys to navigate around. The motion blur also effects opening folders in Launchpad, as the folders spring  [Read More…]

Gmail Motion Turned From Joke To Reality, Thanks To Kinect [Video]

We’re actually surprised it took someone this long, but just 24 hours after Google’s brilliant Gmail Motion April Fools joke appeared, it’s been turned into reality.


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iPad 2 Destroyed in Slow Motion [Video]

Wow, the guys at Zagg uploaded a dangerous video threating your iPad 2, watch this video which show’s iPad 2 like to be shot with a big shotgun but it does entice you to pay the extra bucks to protect your new iDevice watch the video and tell  why someone make such actions. Finally I would tell you to watch out for your iPad from bullets, I hope you enjoyed

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