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Mac Setup: Wall Mounted iMac 27″ with iPad as Dual Display

This weeks featured Mac workstation comes to us from James F., and it’s a beauty. With a clean well organized desk, and the awesome wall mounted iMac that utilizes an iPad as a secondary display, you can see why this is one sweet Mac setup. Let’s dive in and learn a bit more about this … Read More

Instantly Eject All Mounted Drives & Disks from the Command Line in Mac OS X

The next time you’re at the command line and need to eject every single mounted volume, hard drive, disk, disk image, and/or external drive attached to a Mac, you can instantly eject them all in one fell swoop with a handy osascript command string. This is great if you work frequently in the Terminal and … Read More

Mac Setups: Mac Pro with Swivel Mounted Apple Cinema 27″ Display

The weekend is here, which means it’s time to share another featured Mac desk setup! This time we’ve got the awesome Mac Pro setup of OS X programmer and freelance book writer Buick W. Let’s learn a bit more about the hardware in this setup and which iOS and OS X apps are must-haves as … Read More

Manage Drives & Mounted Volumes from the Mac OS X Menu Bar with FreeSpaceTab

FreeSpace Tab FreeSpaceTab is a free utility that lets you manage hard disks and mounted volumes directly from the Mac OS X menu bar.

With an attractive and simple GUI, you can pull the menu down to see all mounted drives and partitions, arranged by volume type (local drives, disk images, network volumes, etc) as well as free space available on each volume. Drives can ejected on a per disk basis, or  [Read More…]