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Rokform Unveils Rokshield v3 Case + Mighty Mounting System for iPad Mini



We’ve been fascinated the stuff emerging from motorcycle-wizards-turned-iDevice-accessory-crafter Rokform ever since we took their machined alloy Rokbed iPhone case for a spin a few years back. Today the company revealed the Rokshield v3, basically a smaller, iPad Mini version of their Roklock case and mounting system.

The robust, rubber-armored Rokshield v3 case is built around a unique mount interface (Rokform calls this their Remote Mounting System) that allows it to  [Read More…]

Connect iPad To Tripod (And More) With ArchMount Ultra Portable Mounting System [Kickstarter]

Now, where is that 100-pound bag of dog food?

Now, where is that 100-pound bag of dog food?

Have you ever tried to do any serious videography with an iPad? I don’t recommend it casually, but the iPad can be a great HD video tool, combining high resolution video capture abilities with a large screen for monitoring. Connecting it to a tripod, however, can be a trial.

SerialKickers aim to solve this problem  [Read More…]

This Boomerang Looks A Lot Like The iPad Mounting System We All Want [Kickstarter]

The Boomerang is a new Kickstarter iPad accessory from the one-device-to-rule-them all crowd — it’s a combination universal mounting system and frame. The hinged, X-shaped frame snaps onto the back of your iPad, while a powerful, centrally located magnet of its back allows it to attach to a wide variety of stands and mounts that Uros Cadez, the project’s creator, has already designed. Even without any accessory mounts, the frame’s hinge can  [Read More…]

New iPad Case from Rokform Has More Mounting Options than The Kama Sutra

We’ve seen how fanatical the people at Rokform — an offshoot of Southern California-based motorcycle aftermarket outfit Two Brothers Racing — is about building the ultimate device case; back in 2011 we tested their aluminum Rokbed iPhone case and came away with the impression it was a hyper-engineered beauty.

For their new Roklock v3 iPad case, they’ve ditched the alloy in favor of polycarbonate and added more mounting options than…well, you read the headline.

The $ 69 iPad 2 / New  [Read More…]

MiVues iPhone POV Mounting System Attempts To Replace The Need For a GoPro [CES 2012]

LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 � I hate having three different cameras to address various situations in life � iPhone for when I�m lazy, DSLR when I want to pretend I know how to take pretty pictures, and a GoPro for when I�m doing something�adventurous. Thankfully it looks like I�m going to be able to discard at least one of those cameras from my  [Read More…]

Opposition Mounting Against Reelection of Steve Jobs to Disney Board

Click the image to open in full size. The Magic Kingdom isn’t so welcoming to Apple CEO Steve Jobs these days thanks to a stronghold of organized labor leaders actively opposing Jobs’ reelection to the board of directors at Disney. Tomorrow in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Walt Disney Company will hold its annual meeting. Ahead of the gathering, the labor union federation AFL-CIO, which holds close to four million Disney shares, opposes the reelection  [Read More…]