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Move Over, Steve Jobs! There’s A New Tablet Keynote King. Dwight Schrute Introduces The Pyramid [Humor]

www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GDSL-89cEg NBC’s The Office decided to poke some fun at the tablet craze last night with Dunder Mifflin’s introduction of a new would-be iPad Killer, The Pyramid, so called so you can say to your friends: “I unleashed the power of the Pyramid.” Unlike competing tablets, it computes its storage in the Ls, and without the Memory Booster Pack, barely weighs three pounds. [via All Things D]

Will HTC Be the One to Buy webOS in a Move Against Apple?

Now that Samsung has denied that they are eying webOS as a potential platform for its mobile devices, HTC could end up being the one to purchase Palm’s former OS to compete against Apple’s iOS. Not only would HTC buying webOS make sense financially, but it would also position HTC in a unique position to combat the growth of iOS in the mobile market. Cher Wang, chairwoman of HTC, told Focus Taiwan that the  [Read More…]

Create App Aliases Or Move Apps In Lion [OS X Tips]

Apple has added a restriction to the Applications folder on your start-up disk that versions of Mac OS X didn’t have before the release of Lion. The new restriction prevents you from moving apps out of the Applications folder, but this tip will show you how to get around that.   Mac OS X Lion won’t allow you to arbitrarily drag apps from the Applications folder on your start-up disk  [Read More…]

Move Over Tiffany’s! Per Square Foot, Apple Is The Most Powerful Retailer In America

New data published by RetailSails this week — an independent analyzer of the U.S. retail industry —  has revealed that Apple is the highest ranking U.S. retailer when it comes to sales per square foot, way ahead of companies like Tiffany & Co, Costco, and Best Buy. According to RetailSails, Apple enjoys a staggering $ 5,626 worth of sales per square foot across its 327 retail stores in the U.S. To put that  [Read More…]

Prevent iPhone From Tracking Your Every Move With This New Cydia App [Jailbreak Only]

We have already reported about how the iPhone or iPad running on iOS 4.x has been secretly tracking all your moves. Security researchers have revealed that iPhone tracks user’s location and stores it in a secret hidden file which is replicated to the computer once it’s synchronized with the device.

The file contains data about your latitude and longitude along with the timestamp. This information can be easily accessed by jailbreaking the phone, unfortunately, on the computer even without that.  [Read More…]

Your iPhone And iPad With iOS 4.x Has Been Tracking Your Every Move

All this time, the iPhone that you have always kept really close to your heart, has been watching, rather stalking you. Security researchers revealed that since the iOS 4 update, iPhone has been tracking your location down and storing it in a secret hidden file which is replicated to your computer once it’s synchronized with your device.

Apple iPhone 4

The file contains data about your latitude and longitude  [Read More…]