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Celebrate The End Of Movember With Temporarily Free Artsy Head App

That's some serious Movember, right there.

So, if you’re in the market for a silly, fun little app that will let you mix photos, videos and sound on your iPhone, Artsy Head may be the one to grab. It’s free for the rest of November to celebrate Cyber Monday week as well as the end of Movember. Apparently, one of the fun things folks do with Artsy Head is add mustaches to their  [Read More…]

Celebrate Movember With This iPhone That Will Also Shave Your Beard


I hate shaving. Like seriously, it is the most annoying personal hygiene chore that a proper gentleman is supposed to undertake everyday. Mostly I hate it because it takes up a lot of time and me and razors don’t really get along.

But maybe you’re different. Maybe you love the smooth texture of a fresh shaven face everyday. If so, you might want to get this iPhone wannabe shaver.

It’s electric. It cost  [Read More…]