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Future of fitness apps lies in understanding human movement

Some Apple Watch users are apparently confused over what types of exercise the wearable’s Workout app can track. Many people are using it to log weightlifting or stretching sessions, even though Apple only claims the app is suitable for “dedicated cardio workouts.” Fortunately, a new breed of fitness apps is emerging that uses the accelerometer access enabled […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple joins ‘Je Suis Charlie’ solidarity movement after Paris terror attack

Apple’s French website has been updated with a stark black line and the simple message “Je Suis Charlie” (“I am Charlie”) in solidarity with victims of Wednesday’s terror attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine. The murderous rampage, allegedly conducted by French…Read more ›

‘Re(play)’ Showcases Grace, Movement, And Athleticism. Really Slowly.

This isn’t the most practical app for everyone, but it’s certainly interesting to look at. Re(play) features six clips of athletes being all athletic and stuff. High-speed cameras captured the footage at 236 frames per second, and you can either…Read more ›

Why the Boycott Apple Movement is Dumb

The #BoycottApple hashtag was trending hard on Google+ last week. No, Im not talking about the boycott-Apple-to-save-Chinese-workers, the boycott-Apple-because-they-discriminate-against-Iranians or even the boycott-Apple-because-they-support-gay-marriage movements. Im talking about the boycott-Apple-because-theyre-using-the-courts-to-compete-against-Android-devices movement. Specifically, the call to boycott is based on anger over Apples successful attempt to ban both the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone and the Galaxy 10.1 tablet. An appeals court temporarily lifted the ban on the phone yesterday, but upheld the tablet  [Read More…]

Join The Lean Startup Movement [Deals]

As we head into South by Southwest this week, there is an aura of startup fever that is present not just in Austin but everywhere you look. But lets face facts: most startups fail, even if they launch to much fanfare. With that in mind, youre looking to make your very own startup a success. You know the odds are stacked against you. So how do you put yourself in  [Read More…]

New iPhone Video Cradle Dubbed Swivl Tracks Your Movement

Shooting photos and video of yourself on the move (or having a non-stationary Facetime chat) is about to become a lot less challenging. Introducing the automated solution to your iPhone videography needs: the Swivl. True to its name, the Swivl is a compact, hands-free cradle that makes it possible for your iPhone to track your movements as you shoot video. How does it work? According to the manufacturer, all you do is attach the sensor  [Read More…]

Apple Store Display iPad Jailbroken, I Smell a Movement

JailBreakMe 3.0s release is probably the easiest way to jailbreak an iDevice, and the first to allow the iPad 2 to be jailbroken. I suppose then it was only a matter of time before someone was able to jailbreak one of Apple’s iPad 2 in-store displays. One of9to5Mac‘s readers was able to bypass the smart sign display application using the secret gestures that aren’t so secret. Once the user bypassed the smart sign display application they were able to jailbreak  [Read More…]