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How to Stop Wallpaper Moving Around on iPhone and iPad

Have you ever noticed that your iPad or iPhone wallpaper moves around as you pick up the device and physically move it around? If you’re prone to motion sickness, you’ve almost undoubtedly noticed this Perspective Zoom feature, as the parallax effect induces nausea in some susceptible users, and for others they’re maybe just left wondering … Read More

Even moving Apple’s cash pile home won’t halt E.U. tax investigation

Even bringing Apple’s sizable cash pile back to the U.S. wouldn’t stop the E.U. from investigating the company’s Irish tax arrangements, claims E.U. competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager. “Whether or not Apple wants to repatriate part of their un-repatriated profits is purely up to Apple and is of no concern [to] our case work,” she told reporters after a […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Woz is moving to Australia to become a professor

Steve Wozniak changed the world when he co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs to create the first personal computer. Now after decades revolutionizing the tech world, he’s ready to impart his wisdom to the top tech minds in Australia. University of…Read more ›

Moving on up: Apple plans new store on Upper East Side

Apple plans to add another iconic location to its list of NYC real estate properties, according to a new report from Gary Allen at Ifo Apple Store. The newest store location will be at a magnificent former bank building on…Read more ›

Adjust Moving Wallpapers in iOS 7.1 with Perspective Zoom

iPhone and iPad users can now directly control whether their iOS wallpaper moves around dramatically, thanks to a setting called “Perspective Zoom” that was added in iOS 7.1. The toggle is separate from the general reduce motion setting, and is selected when choosing a wallpaper, offering a separate control for some of the more exaggerated … Read More

The Obama Administration Has Been Secretly Moving To Make iPhone Unlocking Illegal

It was only six months ago that the White House officially went on record saying that they thought cell phone unlocking should be legalized. The statement was issued in response to a 114,000+ signature petition, which rightfully argued that if…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Prevent Zip Clutter by Moving Archives Automatically After Unzipping in Mac OS X

Anyone who downloads files from around the web, ftp, torrents, and elsewhere will eventually wind up with a lot of archive clutter sitting around on their Mac in the form of tons of zip, rar, sit, and other compressed file formats. This is because the default behavior is set for archives to maintain their existence even after their contents are extracted, a reasonable but conservative setting that can cause users to forget about the original archive file(s).

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iOS 7′s Moving Background Is Even More Impressive With Panoramas [Video]


One of the neat new features of iOS 7 is that the background moves ever so slightly when you tilt your iPhone up and down. The effect makes it look like your pictures are nearly 3D, but if you want to really be impressed, set your iPhone homescreen picture as a panorama and spin around.

Jeff Shin discovered that if you take a panoramic photo and set it as your background,  [Read More…]

The Man Who Put An ARM Chip Inside Every Smartphone Is Moving On


Warren East, who has spent the last 12 years as CEO of ARM, has announced that he will retire on July 1. During his time in charge, East has overseen ARM’s processor design powerhouse through some of its most explosive growth, thanks to lucrative deals with companies like Apple, AMD, and Qualcomm.


East, who first joined ARM in 1994, plans continue to work in the technology industry, he said during  [Read More…]

Apple Is Moving To Take Over Flash Memory Industry From Samsung

Photo by COG LOG LAB. – http://flic.kr/p/aaaTfe

For only the second time in recent memory, Apple has used its pile of cash to buy a hardware company and threaten survival of another tech industry. Reports say Apple is ready to spend up to $ 500 million to acquire Anobit, an Israel-based flash memory maker already used in the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air. It probably didnt hurt that the purchase  [Read More…]