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MultiIconMover Adds iOS 5 Support [BETA]

MultiIconMover is still undergoing beta testing. You’re fully responsible for what you put on your device, so make sure you clearly understand the potential and risks and consequences of testing beta software. You may experience Safe Mode crashes and various other things. As you may have noted from theIconSupport for iOS 5 article, the developer ashikase(@ashikase)has been extremely busy with getting all his work updated for iOS 5. Just a few moments ago, he tweeted  [Read More…]

MultiIconMover: And Other Things Apple Should Already Be Doing

Click the image to open in full size. I am constantly amazed at some of the small innovations the jailbreak community comes up with week in and week out. From fixing small gripes (Infinidock) to implementing features that should have been available since the iPhone 1 (Wi-Fi Sync), the jailbreak community exudes a flexibility AppStore developers aren’t granted from Apple. The latest little gem I came across in Cydia is MultiIconMover (which I’m sure  [Read More…]