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Your iPhone is a Multi-Tool with These 3 Awesome Built-In Utilities

iPhone does everything

Sure your iPhone can make phone calls, check your email, browse the web, play games, and a million and one other things, but thanks to iOS 7 your iPhone can now double as a multi-tool digital swiss army knife too (minus the blade, of course). A fair amount of users will already be aware of these features, but you’ll also find plenty of people who are in awe that  [Read More…]

Jamn, A Software Multitool For Guitarists

Q: How Does Bob Marley like his donuts? A: Wi’ Jam in [1].

And Jamn is also the name of this little pocket software toolkit for musicians. It’s an iPhone app which shows you the notes in a any scale in any key, but it has a rather clever gimmick that makes it a lot easier to read: the notes are on a wheel.

My musical theory is limited to… Who am  [Read More…]

TaskOne iPhone Multitool: The Most Ridiculous iPhone Case Yet

Thumb Pushing Knife

Good lord! Where do we even begin with this crazy iPhone case? With the list of its capabilities I guess, and maybe a video of it (literally) screwing around.

And now that list I promised you:

2.5” knife with 0.75” of serrations 1.8” Sawblade Small flathead screwdriver Large flathead screwdriver Medium Phillips screwdriver Needle-nose pliers Wire cutters 6 metric Allen wrenches Wire stripper 120mm ruler (110mm on iPhone 4/4s) Bottle opener Kickstand

Yes, a kickstand  [Read More…]

Gerber Multi-Tool Packs Camera-Phone Tripod

A camera-phone stand, and a bottle opener. What more could you need?

Just when you thought there was nothing more that could be squeezed into a pocket-sized multitool, Gerber comes along with the Steady, and proves our imagination to be pathetically limited. What does this many-bladed wonder bring to the transforming tool party? A camera tripod. Gerber�s Steady Tool is aimed at real everyday use, with a slew of practical, non-specialized  [Read More…]