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It’s not often that Google incontrovertibly one-ups Apple on anything but search, but the company just scored a small but sizable advantage over Cupertino in at least one regard: music storage space. Google expanded its Google Play Music service Wednesday… Read more ›

U2’s album is still huge among iOS music users

Despite angering iOS users by forcing their album, Songs of Innocence, onto every iPhone and iPad in the world, U2’s iTunes exclusivity bet is paying off big time. Nearly one in four of all music users on iOS devices listened… Read more ›

iTunes might currently be flagging compared to rivals like Spotify, but it seems that Apple has some big ideas to bolster its music services — and unlike many companies in Silicon Valley, they’re not going to be based solely on… Read more ›

Eccentric rocker Neil Young has never been swayed by the critics. He has always made the music he wanted. But he may not be able to be so carefree, as some critics eviscerate his latest musical endeavor – a pricey,… Read more ›

Apple plans to launch a new streaming music service this spring, but music industry insiders say Apple isn’t trying to just compete with Spotify, it wants to become the music business. Tim Cook and Jimmy Iovine were two of the… Read more ›

Arganalth can look at an old floppy disk drive and see in it a second act. The 23-year-old engineer from Lille, France uses old computer hardware long overdue for the landfill to assemble an electronic orchestra that he conducts out… Read more ›

Apple has started to run a new iPad ad focused on creating noise with the device, called ‘Make Music with iPad’. The commercial follows an artist known as “Elliphant” and shows how a song is composed using various apps on the iPad to write lyrics and make a beat. Accompanying the video is the following … Read More

Dr. Dre became the first billionaire of hip-hop thanks to Apple’s $ 3 billion acquisition of Beats Music and its accompanying over-priced headphone brand. Jay Z is pretty much the only big name rapper that hasn’t imitated Dre by slapped his… Read more ›

Rdio may be the underdog in the streaming media wars when compared to Spotify, but for my money, they still have the best software around, and it’s just gotten even better. Today, Rdio for iOS was updated to version 3.1,… Read more ›