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Apple has been in talks with record labels about releasing more albums exclusively through the iTunes Store, similarly to how Beyonce released her self-titled album in December. According to Billboard, Apple’s VP of the iTunes Store, Robert Kondrk, had “tense”… Read more ›     

Musical video sharing app Mindie has received a significant new update. Similar to (non-musical app) Vine, Mindie lets users select a backing track, and then record and share a looping music video of up to 7 seconds. The app’s latest… Read more ›     

With popular music streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora already popular and on devices all over the world, any newcomers are faced with an immediate challenge. The makers behind the popular headphones and speakers Beats By Dre are taking their… Read more ›     

Scrubbing audio is probably the fastest way to skip through and navigate within a playing audio track, and iOS allows you to scrub active tracks directly from the Control Center. There’s not much to it and scrubbing is done through a fairly simple gesture, but because the tap touch target is quite small it can … Read More

Musx, Like Instagram For Music

Musx is like Instagram for music. Post tracks you like, add a few words and your followers can check out the same tunes. Why the hell didn’t anyone think of this before? You sign in with Twitter or Facebook, which… Read more ›     

Apple Setups: iPad Music Studio

This weeks featured Mac setup is… well it’s not a Mac at all actually, it’s an iPad-only setup! That’s right, coming to us from Jurgen V. is a minimalist music studio based entirely around an iPad. Read on to learn what added hardware and specific iOS apps allow for an iPad to become a music … Read More

Beep is a weird little device that could be either just the thing you’re looking for, or the stupidest accessory ever. It’s a Wi-Fi volume knob that hooks up to your speakers, and streams music either direct from Pandora, or… Read more ›     

Pacemaker For iPad Lets You DJ With Spotify Music

I’m a terrible DJ (unless you count success by the number of people you can force off the dance floor with one track, in which case I’m a total mix master), but I’ve worked with enough DJs to know the… Read more ›     

If you have music actively playing, or a song or iTunes Radio station is paused within the Music app, you can quickly jump to the Music app by going through the Control Center of iOS. In many cases, this lets you adjust songs or radio stations quicker than using the multitasked to switch apps. This … Read More

I probably wouldn’t written anything about the new Netatmo Weather Station Channel on IFTTT, but then I saw one of the sample automatic actions that it can trigger, and figured I had to show you. Once set up, you can… Read more ›