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Save your ears from Apple Music’s endless loops

Sometime in the last few weeks, I’ve had a big problem with Apple Music. Whenever I’d start an album or playlist, I’d only hear the first song I chose, over and over and over. I’d hit the Up Next list button and see the same song, endlessly repeated. The fix is an easy one, but […]

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Apple will now pay artists during Apple Music’s free trial

Apple has changed its mind on the decision not to pay streaming music royalties to artists and labels during the three-month trial period of Apple Music. Yesterday, Taylor Swift penned an open letter to the company arguing that, “We don’t…Read more ›

Apple Music’s cool free features will cost Android users $10 per month

Steve Jobs hated Android so much he once said Apple would never make an iTunes app for Android because he didn’t want to do anything that would make Android users happy. At yesterday’s WWDC keynote, Tim Cook sang a different…Read more ›

Apple Music’s recipe for a streaming hit? Cash, cards and marketing muscle

When Apple unveils its revamped music service Monday, it will mark a “tipping point” for mass acceptance of streaming over downloads, predicts Sony Music CEO Doug Morris. The new streaming service, which Morris says will be unveiled tomorrow at Apple’s…Read more ›

Pink Floyd drummer blames Apple for music’s downfall

Be it John Mayer or U2, Apple’s always been a brand that’s both embraced — and been embraced by — the music world. Which is why it’s interesting to hear a legendary musician, in the form of Pink Floyd member…Read more ›

Why Beats Music’s surprising numbers make it a prime target for Apple

Beats Music is in an interesting spot as a new service, mainly because we don’t know when (or if) it will be swallowed by Apple. After it was revealed last week that Apple plans to buy Beats for billions, the…Read more ›