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iPod Touch, Nano, And Shuffle Get New ‘Space Gray’ Color Option

spacegreyiPodnano  This morning’s keynote focused all on the iPhone and iOS 7, but Apple pushed out a few quiet updates this afternoon as well, including a new color option for iPods. Apple is now selling the iPod Nano, Touch, and Shuffle in the new Space Gray color that the iPhone 5S just received. The space […]

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What iOS 7 Interface Might Look Like On The Square iPod Nano

tumblr_mp9jezhwuF1sreveso1_1280  iOS 7 received some mixed looks at first glance when it debuted on the iPhone. Maybe you hate Jony’s new icon grid or love it, but Chris Harris decided to see how the new interface faired on the old iPod Nano screen. Even though the sixth gen iPod Nano doesn’t run full iOS, upgrading […]

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Misleading Corduroy Nano Case Made From Silicone, Not Cotton

Here’s a practical case for you. It’s called the Corduroy Clip Case, and — while only half of its name is true — it does appear like the perfect way to both carry your iPod and make yourself look like a kind of creepy, Robin Williams-esque man-child.

The Corduroy is — presumably — named for the raised lines which resemble the ridges on the famous cotton  [Read More…]

Nanox Watch Kit: A Stylish Watch Converter for iPod Nano [Deals]

CoM - Nanox

A lot of people were saddened when the new iPod Nano sported a design that was no longer “watch-like”. That meant that the idea of making a watch out of the device was no longer an option. But with this Cult of Mac Deals offer, iPod Generation 6 owners get a stylish, hands-free solution in Nanox. And it can be had for just $ 34.99 – and this sale  [Read More…]

John Stewart Debutes ‘The Tax Code Nano’ In Response To Apple Senate Hearing


Tim Cook survived his grilling during his appearance before the U.S. Senate Sub-Committee Hearing to Examine Offshore Profit Shifting and Tax Avoidance by Apple Inc. Even though some of the senators still aren’t happy with Apple’s international tax practices, a solution to the problem wasn’t given.

Not one to pass up the opportunity to make fun of senators, John Stewart broke down the Senate hearing on his show last night and jokingly  [Read More…]

The iHook Is Back, Will Now Hold iPod Nano And Shuffle [Kickstart This!]

So cute, and so functional!

So cute, and so functional!

The iHook is back, folks, and it’s even better than it was the last time we told you about it. Unfortunately, it won’t open a beer for you, so that’s, um, out.

Recently re-upped at Kickstarter, the iHook Dual Edition will not only connect to your iPod Nano, making it an ideal way to mount the little square of joy, but it  [Read More…]

Ending Soon: Turn Your iPod Nano Into A Stylin’ Watch [Deals]

If you have a previous generation iPod nano (the touchscreen one), you’ve probably seen the straps and kits to make it a watch (you know I never did see one that made a nano look like a pocket watch). Since I had the chance while working for an Apple retailer to see lots of samples of these straps and kits, I can tell you something with authority—most of them were junk.

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The 2012 iPod Nano: An Agglomeration Of The Best Features Of Every Nano Ever [Review]

Does the 2012 iPod nano offer anything new?

For all intents and purposes the latest, 7th generation iPod nano is nothing new. We’ve seen it all before: the widescreen form factor, the touchscreen display. What is new is that we’ve never seen these features in this configuration.

That’s what paradoxically makes the 2012 iPod nano the best one yet: it’s an agglomeration of the best features of the nanos that came before.

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iPod Nano Clip Adds Clip To New Nano

Nano Clip

Say what you want about the stupid, impossible-to-control previous generation iPod Nano, but don’t say its clip wasn’t useful.

If you wanted to clip your tie to your shirt whilst making both of them sag thanks to the extra weight, or if you wanted to go jogging and have the heavy little block of aluminum and glass pull at and eventually drop off your t-shirt sleeve, then the old Nano was ideal.

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iPod Nano, Just Out In Stores, Already Has A Software Update

This is gonna need a fix before you can use it.

The just-released seventh generation iPod nano has just started being seen in stores and shipping from online pre-orders, but it already has a software update waiting for it. If you get a new iPod nano and plug it into iTunes to set it up and sync, you’ll likely see a new update that you’ll need to apply before you can use  [Read More…]