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4 NASA Wallpapers to Decorate a Desktop or Homescreen

NASA has a pretty amazing collection of images available on the web to look through, many of which are ultra high resolution and make for perfect wallpapers. But not every NASA image is of some distant star, galaxy or nebula, many of their greatest pictures are from a bit closer to home and taken during … Read More

Bored at your job? NASA is looking for new astronauts

When companies list “frequent travel may be required” in its job postings, may usually means flying business class to the annual convention in Omaha and staying at the airport Ramada. It’s a good business practice to let candidates know this up front – especially when the company doing the hiring is NASA and the openings […]

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NASA needs a smartwatch app for its astronauts

There’s a smartwatch app for almost everything, but very few are useful to the men and women who work in microgravity. So NASA is asking the pubic to design a smartwatch app for its astronauts to do everything from keeping them organized during science experiments to alerting them to space debris approaching. NASA and Freelancer.com […][Read More…]

NASA flyby gives closer look at Pluto’s mysterious ‘heart’

We downgraded its status, but Pluto still showed us its heart. A spartan but warm-toned orb with a prominent heart-shaped terrain came into clear view Tuesday morning after NASA’s New Horizons snapped a picture some 476,000 miles from its surface…Read more ›

Help NASA solve space’s mysteries with this asteroid app

There are millions of asteroids in the Solar System and relatively few astronomers to track them. They’d hate to miss that one dangerous rogue headed on a collision course with Earth. So NASA has made it easier for the amateur…Read more ›

NASA salutes Nimoy for taking us boldly where no-one had gone before

Leonard Nimoy’s portrayal of unflappable calm and logic during dangerous space travels on TV and in movies inspired those whose stage is actual space. NASA is mourning the loss of Nimoy as if Mr. Spock was one of their own.…Read more ›

Mysterious dwarf planet gets NASA and space geeks buzzing

The dwarf planet named after the Roman goddess of motherly relationships will soon have a new friend. And scientists and space-exploration geeks here on Earth can’t wait for that friend, the space probe Dawn, to start dishing. Dawn, launched in…Read more ›

Need a vacation? Try a NASA Kepler exoplanet

The exoplanet known as Kepler-16b is a gas giant near the outer limits of the habitable zone, but why should that discourage you from paying it a visit? NASA has issued a set of three retro space-tourism posters to celebrate…Read more ›

NASA launches its sense of humor in parody music video

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make a music video, and maybe you shouldn’t be. Turns out, rocket scientists can’t dance. NASA released a parody video on YouTube Thursday called “All About That Space,” designed to raise…Read more ›

Apple replaces iPad destroyed by exploding NASA rocket

Yesterday evening, NASA’s unmanned Antares rocket exploded at launch above Wallops Island, Virginia, on route to dropping off supplies at the International Space Station. A lesser casualty of that explosion? One rocket watcher’s iPad, which was blown to smithereens by…Read more ›