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Last week we revealed that Steve Jobs was set to feature in a forthcoming exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, titled “American Cool.” With the exhibition having now opened, this is the portrait of the Apple co-founder that curators Joel… Read more ›     

Tempo by Blue Maestro Category: Weather Works With:iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Price: around $ 50 For the last few weeks, I have had a little pebble-shaped gadget sat out on the wall of my balcony. It’s the Tempo, a Bluetooth thermometer… Read more ›     

Since revelations of NSA eavesdropping surfaced earlier this year with the Edward Snowden leaks, Apple has been at the forefront of a tech company push-back demanding reforms. The company is joining a number of other industry giant — including Google,… Read more ›     

How good is the iPhone 5s camera? Good enough for National Geographic. And Apple’s own Phil Schiller is getting braggy about it on Twitter. National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson has been wandering around the picturesque Scottish highlands for a feature, and instead of shooting pictures with a pro-caliber Nikon, he has instead been doing it […]

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Incredibly cute, or the beginning of the end?

When Steve Jobs debuted the iPad back in 2010, he probably didn’t realized that the tablet would one day be used by Orangutan Outreach in zoos around the world. The Smithsonian’s National Zoo has adopted the “Apps for Apes” program, a totally nonfictional initiative that hooks monkeys up with shiny iPads.

Zookeepers let the orangutans play with different iPad apps and the zoo ”hopes to connect  [Read More...]

National Geographic wallpaper collections for 2012

Everyone loves good wallpapers, and it’s hard to beat the incredible selections that National Geographic puts up once a year through their photo contests. This year is no different, and there are quite literally tons of freakishly beautiful wallpapers available to download in sizes fit for the desktop, iPad, and iPhone. We’ve provided a small sampling of favorites below, but don’t miss browsing through the collections on  [Read More...]


It’s almost November, and you all know what that means: No, not the growing of wispy, creepy mustaches. November is National Novel-Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for (almost) short.NaNoWriMo is the annual attempt by many tens of thousands of people to finally get that novel out of their head and into the cloud storage option of their choice. The goal is to write a 50,000-word novel by midnight on the 30th November, and you can get there by  [Read More...]

There were a few Hollywood celebrities on hand at the Democratic National Convention tonight - Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Will.i.Am, Ashley Judd, Bill Clinton, etc. One semi-famous person we weren’t expecting to see was Steve Jobs’s widow Laurene Powell Jobs, hanging out with Chelsea Clinton.

Fox News panned over to Chelsea during the event and some observers noted on Twitter that Jobs’s widow was sitting next to her. Laurene has supported a number  [Read More...]

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has proposed a nationwide ban that prohibits the use of all non-emergency cell phone use in the car. Currently, only select states have a law in place against cell phone use in automobiles, but the NTSB wants the U.S. government to make the use of personal electronic devices while driving illegal in all 50 states. The safety recommendation specifically calls for  [Read More...]

National Geographic wallpapers The entries into the 2011 National Geographic Photo Contest make for some spectacular wallpapers, one of which was shown in a recent tip screenshot and requested. You can find them split between TheAtlantic and National Geographic: NationalGeographic: National Geographic Contest Entries Wallpapers TheAtlantic: National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 Most of the wallpapers are best on lower resolution displays of Macs and iOS because they almost all max out somewhere  [Read More...]