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The future of computing may be sitting on your wrist, but it’s still tethered to something a little old-fashioned. But as of Monday, the new operating system for the Apple Watch allows it to cut a few of the chords attached to the iPhone. Apple’s OS 2 debuted, giving the watch new super powers but […]

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Hacked Apple Watch runs Flappy Bird as native app

Remember Flappy Bird, the insanely-addictive iPhone game which spawned a million clones, despite being pulled from the App Store by its creator? Well, it’s back — as a native app for the Apple Watch. Created by U.K. developer Hamza Sood, the Apple Watch app was… Read more ›

Native Apple Watch apps are coming this fall

Apple Watch is one the most incredible watch I’ve ever owned, there’s just one problem – the apps are all soooo slow. That could change pretty soon according to Apple’s VP of Operations, Jeff Williams, who revealed at today’s Code… Read more ›

In this increasingly noisy, digital age – simple is the new style. That’s what Native Union had in mind with the POP Desk – a handset and custom-designed stand to hold your smartphone. The large, classic style of the handset… Read more ›     

  Music streaming service Deezer has today announced that it now has more than 5 million paid subscribers worldwide, and it’s launching a new native Mac app that will improve the Deezer experience on your desktop. The app will sync…

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Fastmail, a mail device which really is fast, has just gotten even faster, and even slicker. The best alternative to Gmail just launched a brand new mobile interface that is so good that you might even ditch the native mail…

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windows-homepageThe virtualization maestros over at Parallels have long offered Mac owners a slick, easy way to run Windows apps on their Macs, but now they’re extending their mission in the other direction with a new app that lets you run Mac & PC apps… on your iPad. Called Parallels Access, the new app promises to […]

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Pure For Flickr Looks Like A Native iOS 7 App Already

Pure is an iPhone Flickr app which looks ready for iOS 7 already. As the name suggests, there’s a focus on plain and simple design, and the lack of button-shaped buttons makes even the cleanly-designed official Flickr app look cluttered. However, you mightn’t be switching to Pure just yet, as it lacks a fair bit […]

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Focus Point Beats Native iPad Photos App In Every Way


The iPad is great for photographers, but the built-in Photos app sucks. You can’t change the viewing order. Making albums and moving photos is a multi-tap pain in the ass, and navigating is confusing even for the experienced user.

That’s where Focus Point comes in. It’s a photo-viewing app that’s been around for a while, but the latest update adds enough new goodies to make it worth a look.

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