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In this increasingly noisy, digital age – simple is the new style. That’s what Native Union had in mind with the POP Desk – a handset and custom-designed stand to hold your smartphone. The large, classic style of the handset… Read more ›     

  Music streaming service Deezer has today announced that it now has more than 5 million paid subscribers worldwide, and it’s launching a new native Mac app that will improve the Deezer experience on your desktop. The app will sync…

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Fastmail, a mail device which really is fast, has just gotten even faster, and even slicker. The best alternative to Gmail just launched a brand new mobile interface that is so good that you might even ditch the native mail…

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windows-homepageThe virtualization maestros over at Parallels have long offered Mac owners a slick, easy way to run Windows apps on their Macs, but now they’re extending their mission in the other direction with a new app that lets you run Mac & PC apps… on your iPad. Called Parallels Access, the new app promises to […]

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Pure For Flickr Looks Like A Native iOS 7 App Already

Pure is an iPhone Flickr app which looks ready for iOS 7 already. As the name suggests, there’s a focus on plain and simple design, and the lack of button-shaped buttons makes even the cleanly-designed official Flickr app look cluttered. However, you mightn’t be switching to Pure just yet, as it lacks a fair bit […]

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Focus Point Beats Native iPad Photos App In Every Way


The iPad is great for photographers, but the built-in Photos app sucks. You can’t change the viewing order. Making albums and moving photos is a multi-tap pain in the ass, and navigating is confusing even for the experienced user.

That’s where Focus Point comes in. It’s a photo-viewing app that’s been around for a while, but the latest update adds enough new goodies to make it worth a look.

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Native Union Switch Speaker Has A Really Big Knob

Another day, another awesome-looking Bluetooth speaker WHICH I TOTALLY WANT. Today’s chunky rectangle of wireless audio goodness is the Switch from Native Union, and it has one distinguishing feature: a big round volume knob on one end.

That knob can be on the side or the top of the speaker, depending on whether you use it flat on on it’s end (the Jambox also works great placed upright like this: it’s how I  [Read More…]

Pocket now supports multiple Twitter accounts — if you’re running Mountain Lion.

Pocket brought us a terrific Mac app back in October, and just over a month on, it’s already back with a new update. This one introduces a nice stack of new features, including native Twitter and Facebook support for those running OS X Mountain Lion, new keyboard shortcuts, better Evernote sharing, and more.

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Popular microblogging service Tumblr just pushed out a huge update for its official iPhone app. Tumblr on the iPhone has always been a web-reliant experience, but today’s update introduces a new app that has been rewritten from the ground up to be completely native.

The Dashboard view is totally new and there’s a nifty Notifications panel with fluid animations and swiping gestures throughout the whole app.

Full list of changes:

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