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Super-thin case gives your iPhone a natural look [Reviews]

Lust List: Woodline iPhone Case by Pad & Quill I’m generally of the function-over-form sake when I choose an iPhone case, but this delightfully thin Rosewood iPhone case has me rethinking that. It’s not just that it’s thin — it’s classy. The deep brown hues and real woodgrain transform my iPhone 6 Plus from an […]

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Facebook’s Safety Check feature lets friends know you’re okay during a natural disaster

Designed to help friends and family check on their nearest and dearest during natural disasters, Facebook is introducing a new Safety Check feature for its mobile app. The tool works by sending a push notification to devices that are near…Read more ›

Readdle’s Calendar 5: Reminders, Events, Natural Language Processing

cal5Readdle’s new iOS calendaring app, Calendars 5, launched yesterday, and after a day of use I can confidently state that I can find nothing wrong with it. In fact, I like it a whole lot. Why? Because it combines your calendars and reminders in one iOS7-style app, and folds in Fantastical-style natural-language entry. It’s pretty […]

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Use Siri To Add Relationships To Your Contacts For More Natural Interactions [iOS Tips]

Siri Relationships

If you’ve tried to use Siri to call or text someone, you know it’s pretty simple. Just say, for example, “Call Joe Smith,” and Siri will call the person named Joe Smith in your Contacts App.

But did you know that Siri can also identify people via their relationship to you? You can say, “Call my brother,” or “Text my daughter,” and Siri will call or text that person,  [Read More…]

Yahoo! 3.0 For iOS Gets Impressive Natural Language Summaries, Recommendations & More


Yahoo! has been undertaking something of an iOS App Store renaissance lately. First, they made their Flickr app into a bonafide Instragam challenger; then their new Yahoo! Weather app effortlessly fused beautifully wrought weather information with the best photographs on Flickr; and now Yahoo! has updated its iOS app with natural language summaries of all the news likely to be of interest to you.

The new Yahoo! app borrows a  [Read More…]

Set Relationships to Contacts with Siri to Improve Natural Language Commands

Defining important relationships to some of your contacts is a great way to improve Siri’s comprehension, and also to expand the personal assistants general usefulness. Take the time to set some relationships, because other than making things more practical, it allows you to greatly simplify many commands by letting you skip names entirely and just use natural relationship dialog when interacting with Siri. How many of us would naturally say your mother or fathers full name when discussing them in  [Read More…]

Use Natural Language Expressions To Create Alerts With Reminders [OS X Tips]

Ah, Reminders. They’re boring, but essential. Keeping track of the crazy number of things I have to do on a daily, weekly, even hourly basis relies on my remembering them, first of all, and a reminder now and then is essential.

One of the cool things about Apple’s Reminders app is that it allows you to set due dates and times with each task you enter. You can set these  [Read More…]

Wrap Your iPhone or iPad Bluetooth Sound In These Natural Wood Portable Speakers

Wood is, indeed, awesome. Speaker makers have been using wood for years to wrap high-end speakers in, utilizing the highly resonant natural properties of wood for sound reproduction. Now, with the all the rage for tiny bluetooth speakers like the Jambox and the Logitech Mini Boombox, perhaps it’s time for something just a bit more, well, woody.

The 1Q speaker is tiny, but it has a 30 foot range, over  [Read More…]

Rethink Productivity With Projectbooks Natural Language Technology [iOS Tips]

Taking notes and managing tasks can be a full time job. For many of us, the competing worlds of work, home, school, and hobbies can threaten to overwhelm all but the most organized among us. Unfortunately, not many of us (myself included) have the time or mental energy to create a system from scratch, forcing us to rely on software designers’ ideas about task management. There are a ton of apps  [Read More…]