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Rosetta Stone’s Free Navigator iPhone Apps Put Pronunciation Lessons in Your Pocket [Daily Freebie]



Most Mac users will experience one of three reactions after reading the word “Rosetta.”

The first involves breaking into a cold sweat, and possibly hives, after remembering that Apple no longer supports the translator that ran all those old, useful apps written for PowerPC-based Macs after Apple switched over to Intel chips.

Option two, imagining the Rosetta Stone itself, the magical key to unlocking ancient script, stumbled upon by Napoleon’s  [Read More…]

Apple Knowledge Navigator Video from 1987 Predicts Siri, iPad and More

Knowledge Navigator Back in 1987 during the era of John Sculley, Apple released a what if video describing a device called the Knowledge Navigator. This prescient work anticipated a personal digital assistant a la Siri, a touch screen tablet computer like the iPad, videoconferencing (FaceTime) and more. In this groundbreaking piece set in then futuristic 2006 2011 the assistant isnt a womans voice but  [Read More…]