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Apple’s music streaming negotiations come down to the wire

Apple is planning to use WWDC to spotlight the new streaming music service its been working on for year. It could be Apple’s biggest play in the music industry since the launch of iTunes, but according to a new report,…Read more ›

Apple’s ‘iRadio’ Plans Stalled Yet Again By Label Negotiations [Report]


Apple’s plans for an ‘iRadio’ streaming service are still being stalled by reluctant music labels, according to a report today from the Financial Times. Last month it was reported that Universal was about to partner with Apple, and the deal has allegedly been sealed between the two companies since then. Now Sony is demanding more money before it signs on.

Despite signing up Universal Music, the largest of the record label  [Read More…]

Apple’s ‘iRadio’ Service To Launch In 2013 As Label Negotiations Continue [Rumor]


This year is likely to be another big one for Apple — even if we don’t see that much-anticipated television set. One new product the Cupertino could have up its sleeve is an internet radio service called “iRadio.” It’s reportedly been negotiating the necessary deals with the music labels, and one analyst expects the service to be integrated into iTunes within the next 12 months, competing with the likes of Pandora.

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Apple’s Pandora-like Streaming Service Stalled Because Of Negotiations With Sony

For the last month rumors have floated around the web that Apple is been planning to build it’s own Pandora-like music-streaming service. It makes perfect sense to us, but Apple didn’t announce it at the iPhone 5 keynote which had many people wondering if it’s going to actually happen.

A report from the New York Post this morning is claiming that the reason Apple hasn’t launched their music-streaming service is because  [Read More…]