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AtmoBar, Track Your NetAtmo Weather Station From Your Mac’s Menubar

AtmoBar is Mac app that works with the NetAtmo weather station you have in your back yard (or on your balcony, for city dwellers). It sits in your menubar and gives readouts and graphs with just a click. It sure…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Netatmo Transforms Your iOS Device Into A Beautiful Home Weather Station [Review]

Netatmo weather station 4

I’m a borderline weather geek. I don’t just like to know the temperature—both inside and out—I even keep a hydrometer in my home so I can keep tabs on the humidity, cause you know, that’s important.

So naturally, when I found out about the Netatmo Weather Station ($ 179), I was a little excited. With its indoor and outdoor weather modules, the Netatmo tracks a lot more than just the  [Read More…]