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How to Connect to Invisible Wi-Fi SSID Networks from Mac OS X

A fair amount of wireless routers choose not to broadcast their identity (called an SSID) as a simple security precaution, thus knowing how to join an invisible network from a Mac is important. To connect to one of these hidden networks in OS X is easy enough, but to join you will need to know … Read More

Inspired by The Hobbit, this DIY sword glows when it’s near open Wi-Fi networks

Never able to find an open Wi-Fi signal when you need one? Maybe you should carry around this sword. Modeled after Frodo’s weapon in The Lord of the Rings, it glows when it’s within range of open Wi-Fi. The blade…Read more ›

China Telecom reveals iPhone 6 will run on all major Chinese networks

Pretty much everyone already knows that the iPhone 6 is coming out next month, but one of Apple’s carrier partners in China just couldn’t hold onto the secret anymore, and announced to customers on Weibo that it will sell an…Read more ›

Stop iOS from Re-Joining Unwanted Wi-Fi Networks with a Forced Forget

iOS is usually smart enough to join the last functioning wireless network used within range, but if you’re in an area with many wi-fi networks available sometimes you’ll find an iPhone or iPad is persistently joining and re-joining a network that you don’t want it to, even if you consistently toggle over to join a … Read More

AT&T and Verizon’s LTE Networks Are Finally Neck And Neck

Back when AT&T first started rolling out its nationwide LTE network in late 2011, it was at least a year behind Verizon. In fact, when the third-gen iPad launched with LTE last year, we were hard pressed to recommend an…Read more ›

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Apple Wants To Pay Networks For Skipped Ads In Upcoming TV Service

Until Apple can get the cable companies to play ball, its TV set will remain a rumor.Apple has been trying to get a TV streaming service off the ground for quite some time. Instead of requiring your expensive cable subscription, Apple’s approach would likely be internet-only and rely on individual deals with the networks. In order to entice the networks, Apple has proposed an interesting business model for advertising. According  [Read More…]

Get Social Networks In The Safari Shared Links Sidebar With Mavericks [OS X Tips]

Shared LInks In Safari

Safari has been updated in OS X Mavericks, of course, with a host of under-the-hood improvements, along with quite a few new features. One of them lets you see what your social connections are recommending to their various social network sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In.

If you want easy access to the links your friends, acquaintances, and business contacts are sharing on their social sites,  [Read More…]

iOS 7 Will Make It Possible To Roam Between Open Wi-Fi Networks Without Your Data Ever Dropping


Wandering between public Wi-Fi networks and never having your service interrupted, the same way you can walk in and out of the range of local cellular towers and never have your signal drop. That’s the dream for Wi-Fi, and with iOS 7, Apple’s going to help make it happen.

The eagle-eyed folks over at Ars Technica noticed on a slot in Apple’s keynote on Monday that iOS 7 will support  [Read More…]

Military Networks Will Be Ready For iPad, iPhone Use In About Two Weeks, Says Pentagon


You may remember a post I wrote a while back about the Pentagon’s plan to get mobile devices working on military networks, and how we were able to ascertain that yes, they were working on testing iPhones and iPads and no, they were not planning on jettisoning support for Blackberry devices.

According to Spencer Ackerman at Wired today, iPads will finally have passed the rigorous security review set out by the  [Read More…]

Nmap for Mac OS X Explores Networks, Scans Ports, and More

nmap for Mac OS X

Nmap is a powerful command line network discovery utility that lets you review network inventory, host response and uptime, and perform security auditing through port scans, OS and firewall detection, and more. Though it’s free (and open source) and ships along with many versions of linux, it doesn’t come standard with OS X installations, and thus must be installed separately. Nmap is generally fairly advanced, but  [Read More…]