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Never Type Your Email Address Again On Your iOS Device [iOS Tip]

None of us enjoy typing out our email address, especially if we have to do it a number of times a day on an iOS device. But thanks to the new Shortcuts feature in iOS 5, we don’t have to. Here’s how to setup a shortcut that will save you from typing out your email address forever!   You may have  [Read More…]

Fahrenheit 451 Finally Comes To iBooks In A Format That Can Never Be Burned

Ray Bradbury is a living legend of futurism, and short of Tolkein and Asimov, probably the most important writer of fantasy and science-fiction in the 20th Century. He’s also a feisty old technophobic grampaw who would rather smash an iPad into pieces with his walking stick than read a book on one. That’s just one reason why Bradbury’s most famous book, Fahrenheit 451, has never been available in e-book form  [Read More…]

We’re Giving Away $200 of Cylay Licenses; You’ll Never Lose Your iDevices!

What if I told you, that this application (Cylay) was the only application you would ever need? You would laugh. But seriously, how could anyone go without this application called Cylay? Cylay has been around for a long time. It was the first anti-theft application ever developed for iOS and it was recently updated with iOS 5 support! Cylay is similar to Apple’s Find My iPhoneexcept that the features that it provides makes it an absolute  [Read More…]

Why Steve Jobs’ Mercedes Never Had a License Plate

Jobs would regularly park his Mercedes in a handicap spot on Apple’s campus

Besides his signature black turtleneck, New Balance sneakers, and blue jeans, Steve Jobs was known for his silver Mercedes SL55 AMG. What was perhaps most interesting about Jobs’ ride was the fact that it never had a license plate. Jobs’ Mercedes was photographed many times over the last several years, but the car was always plate-free.  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs As Most Have Never Had the Pleasure of Seeing Him: Playing With Photo Booth [Gallery]

steve jobs goofing in photo booth He may have ushered in the personal computer; the iPod; the iPhone; the iPad; the modern operating system; the animated movie; but I bet this is the Steve his kids & family will forever remember and miss. Steve certainly had a reputation for being a tyrant, but for me, these images put aside Steve Jobs the legend, the myth, and giving us rare glimpse  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Never Stopped Inventing Even Up Until The Last Year Of His Life

Despite his battle with illness during the years the led to his death, Steve Jobs never stopped inventing products and systems that would do their little bit to change the world. This patent, published just over a year ago, details a concept invented by Steve that could prevent users from inadvertently performing actions on a computer. Published by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, and picked up by AppleInsider, the patent  [Read More…]

Facebook for iPad App Dev Quits In Disgust, Says It Might Never Be Released

Despite Mark Zuckerberg’s assertion that the iPad isn’t a mobile device, Facebook has been working on a native iPad app com for quite some time. In fact, not only has Facebook been hammering away at it for months, but it was even possible to unlock it on jailbroken iPads using the iPhone version of the app. So where is it? Back in July, the New York Times said Facebook’s native  [Read More…]

GimmeMusic Is The Easiest Way to Discover Music You’ve Never Heard Before on Your iPhone [Review]

Are you fed up with listening to the same old albums all the time? Sure, that UB40 compilation you made in 1983 has some pretty decent tracks on it, but wouldn’t you like to discover something new? GimmeMusic for the iPhone is a free app from NexStudios that will help you discover new music. The beauty of this application — apart from that ‘free’ price tag — is that it’s incredibly  [Read More…]

Why You Should Never Buy an iPad in a McDonald’s Parking Lot [Scams]

McDonalds. One goes there for burgers, french fries, and occasionally a tasty McFlurry. One should not go there to buy an iPad, however. A young woman has learned that lesson the hard way. Matt Burns of TechCrunch: “Per a police report, Ms. Ashley McDowell, age 22, was approached by two black males in a McDonald’s parking offering to sell her an iPad for $ 300. They said they purchased said devices  [Read More…]