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Aviiq Portable Charging Station Means You’ll Never Forget Your Cables Behind Again

If you hit the road a lot, the problem is always chargers. Remembering chargers. Keeping them organized. Preventing them from tying themselves up in knots at the bottom of your gadget bag. Aviiq’s got a gorgeous little solution to all of these little road warrior problems. Called the Portable Charging Station, it’s an accessory that is a lot more useful than it might first suggest: it’s a tidy, foldable bag  [Read More…]

Handy New Jailbreak Tweak Means You’ll Never Have to Enter Your iTunes Password Again

How many times a day do you enter your iTunes password to download new apps or updates on your iOS device? If you’re anything like me, your answer will be “too many times!” Fortunately, an upcoming jailbreak tweak from Filippo Biga will ensure you never need to enter it again.   The tweak has one simple function: to remember your iTunes password for you so that you need never re-enter it again when downloading apps on your iOS device. It’s  [Read More…]

Listen To Richard Dreyfuss Read The Apple EULA You’ve Never Read

Those nasty little End User License Agreements we so willingly accept every time a piece of software is updated, or every time we sign up for a new new social media service are paint to read. CNET decided to capitalize on this fact, and some negative publicity Apple got earlier this year involving their EULA, by having Richard Dreyfuss do a dramatic reading of Apple’s EULA. The results are pretty funny. Follow the link here to  [Read More…]