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The iOS 7 Jailbreak Is Finally Worth Installing On Newer iPhones And iPads

The iOS 7 jailbreak was released last Sunday, but it was a messy release that had a lot of bugs and compatibility issues. We warned everyone to wait at the time. Today the last major issue with the jailbreak was…

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US Judge Grants Apple’s And Samsung’s Requests To Include Newer Devices In Lawsuits

Another day, another trial development.

Today, both Apple and Samsung were given the go ahead to include newer devices in their continuing legal battle over mobile smartphone and tablet supremacy, raising the stakes between the two tech giants. Samsung was granted the ability to include the iPhone 5 in its lawsuit against Cupertino-based Apple.

According to the Wall Street Journal, US Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal accepted Samsung’s revised request, thus allowing the  [Read More…]

Newer MacBook Air Models Now Appear to be Using Faster Samsung SSDs

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When Apple refreshed the MacBook Air line last October, one of the most notable new features was the use of new blade type SSD drives. Taking the memory out of the old enclosures proved to be a great way to save space inside the cramped MacBook Air case, however, Apple did not use the fastest drives available at the time.

ifixit conducted a detailed teardown of the  [Read More…]