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Apps that you can stream is Google’s newest dream

  Downloading apps to your smartphone could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a software streaming service reportedly being developed by Google. A new report claims the search giant wants to make apps available on-demand without the need to install…Read more ›

A look at the best (and worst!) Apple Watch apps on our newest CultCast

Apple Watch, inbound! And now that it is, we’ll take a look at some of the most useful Watch apps available, and just for fun, some of the stinkiest. Plus: the noteworthy differences between the Sport and steel editions; why…Read more ›

China’s newest Apple Store will open just in time for Apple Watch

April 24 isn’t just about the Apple Watch. If you live in China, it’s also the day on which the second brick-and-mortar Apple Store opens in Hangzhou — following hot on the heels of the recently-opened gorgeous West Lake store…Read more ›

Old flip-phones are the iPhone’s newest rival in Japan

The iPhone has been killing it in Japan lately. Apple’s smartphone marketshare in the tech-obsessed country is continuing to dominate year-over-year, even though the company had a hard time giving out iPhones just five years ago. With the iPhone 6’s…Read more ›

Apple’s newest iPhone 6 ads celebrate gaming and Continuity

With Black Friday just a few days away, Apple has just debuted two new television ads for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: one focused on how great the iPhone is at gaming, and the other showing off iOS…Read more ›

Bendgate, explained! It’s Skinny jeans vs. iPhone 6 on our newest CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Bendgate! Some say it’s Antennagate 2.0, but is there a legitimate issue happening here? We’ll tell you what we think about these “bent” iPhones… Then, we’ve used it for a whole week—catch our updated impressions…Read more ›

Flappy Bird creator’s newest addictive game hits the App Store

Dong Nguyen took a leave of absence after he discovered that his hit game, Flappy Bird, was ruining peoples’ lives with its addictiveness. Now he’s back with with what looks to be an equally addictive and even more difficult game,…Read more ›

Microsoft’s newest app lets you stalk your favorite celebrities with your iPhone

Can’t get enough of celebrity gossip? You’re not alone. Up in Redmond, Microsoft is so obsessed with keeping up with the Kardashians that they have just released a custom-built an attractive new celebrity news app called Snipp3t. And while the…Read more ›

People save and change lives in Apple’s newest iPhone 5s ad

Apple has a new TV ad out for the iPhone 5s, and it’s the fourth installment in its “You’re More Powerful Than You Think” campaign. The ads have previously shown people using the iPhone to do stuff like play music,…Read more ›

iPhone owners are wall-hugging loners in newest Samsung ad

It’s the iPhone’s battery life that gets attacked in Samsung’s newest TV ad for the Galaxy S5. With the tagline “don’t be a wall hugger,” the ad depicts iPhone owners in desperate need of a charge at the airport. We’ve all been…Read more ›