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Newly Setup iPad Pro Battery Draining Rapidly? “Ongoing Restore” Might Be Why!

If you have recently setup a new iPad Pro, iPad mini, or iPad and discovered the battery is draining unusually fast leading to subpar battery life on the device, don’t fret, there’s probably a good reason for it. In fact, if during your recent setup or restore of the iPad you decided to restore from … Read More

Newly discovered OS X bugs could get your Mac hijacked

Apple released a patch for OS X vulnerabilities last week, but a security researcher has already discovered two new exploits that could allow an attacker to remotely gain access to your Mac. Italian developer Luca Todesco uncovered the two new zero-day vulnerabilities that are susceptible to a combination of attacks that corrupt memory found in […][Read More…]

Apple is working on fix for newly discovered ‘FREAK’ security bug

A newly discovered security bug has secretly left Safari users on both iOS and OS X vulnerable to attacks on hundreds of thousands of websites for years. The ‘FREAK’ security flaw was exposed today by a group of nine researchers…Read more ›

Quickly Find Newly Installed Mac Apps in OS X Launchpad and Finder

Ever installed a new app or two on a Mac and then went to find them, only to be lost in a sea of other applications that are already installed? For those of us with a ton of apps installed this happens often, but OS X offers several ways to sort through the clutter and … Read More

Newly Discovered Apple Patent Reveals How iPhone Fingerprint Scanner Will Work

A new European patent reveals how a fingerprint Home Button in the iPhone will likely work.A newly discovered Apple patent reveals how the iPhone’s redesigned Home button will work as a fingerprint scanner. Putting a fingerprint scanner into the Home button presents Apple with a problem. The Home button is used as the primary navigation device. Pressing the Home button quits apps and returns the user to the Home screen.  [Read More…]

Apple Launches Newly Redesigned Education Subsite

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 7.39.49 AMGearing up for the school year, Apple has just launched a newly redesigned “Apple and Education” page on its website, featuring a simplified design and fresh categories showing how iPhones, iPads and Macs can make a difference in the classroom. Each new section of the “Apple and Education” site is aimed at offering resources for […]

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