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Yahoo has released the first update to its new summarization iOS app, Yahoo News Digest. Arriving in the App Store last month, Yahoo News Digest is based on the Summly app acquired by Yahoo for $ 30 million in 2013. It… Read more ›     

As Facebook tends to find itself on a decline of popularity, Mark Zuckerberg and the people of Facebook are making valiant efforts to refresh and revive their social networking site. With the introduction of their new app Paper – stories… Read more ›     

This story first appeared in Cult of Mac Magazine. Want to watch the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, but don’t have a TV? Or do you have a TV but just prefer the coverage given by other countries? Then you’re… Read more ›     

  Ever wished there was a way to make Pandora (or iTunes Radio) play little snippets of news, tailored to your tastes, just like it does with music? Free app Swell Radio does just that, and does it perfectly. Dive… Read more ›     

Video News App Newsy Now Works On All iOS Devices

Popular free iOS news app Newsy has gone universal. The app — which delivers news through engaging video bites — first launched for iPhone and iPod touch in September 2009, with Newsy for iPad following in April the next year.… Read more ›     

News Republic — the iOS app which describes itself as the “definitive news app” — has received an upgrade, including several significant improvements. Version 4.0 boasts a fresh, iOS 7 optimized look featuring a new icon and added space in… Read more ›     

Facebook’s always looking for the next thing, and the service it has its eye on now is mobile news reading and curation. The social network has the likes of Flipboard and Zite in its sights with a new app called… Read more ›     

Remember the 25 billion iTunes downloads? How about when Vine came out, or Flipboard? What about that Ashton Kutcher movie? There was a lot of Apple-related news in 2013, so we decided to pop it all into a video for… Read more ›     

  One of the best things about Instapaper now being owned by Betaworks is that the developers spend their time adding new features and services instead of complaining about things on their personal blogs. And today that ethic has paid… Read more ›     

Apple stock closed at a new 2013 high on Tuesday — rising 2.7 percent (or $ 15) over the course of the day to close at $ 566.32. For those keeping score, that’s the best close Apple’s stock has had since December… Read more ›