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We’re All Pretty Stunned by the News — What About You? [Reaction]

image: Dylan Roscover

We all knew this day would come — but not so soon. My reaction was a sudden exclamation of “holy crap” after seeing the USA Today headline pop up on my iPad while on a conference call. A minute later, one of the people on the other end, a Bay Area-based PR executive, said he’d just seen the news and that he realized what my outburst was  [Read More…]

Adolf Hitler Reacts To The News That HP Is Killing Off The TouchPad [Humor]

Proving the rule that Downfall makes any tech story better, here’s Adolf Hitler reacting to the news that HP is killing the TouchPad after just a month on the market. “They told me it would get faster and that I could bump my friends TouchPads to share music. How can I do that if no one has one?!?!?” This is one of the best “Hitler reacts…” videos I’ve seen. Make sure to stay to the end. [via Obama Pacman]

More Bad News for HTC: ITC to Take Up New Apple Complaint

Photo by lambdachialpha – http://flic.kr/p/iR9Qu

Sometimes, you can’t get a break. That could be the thinking at Android handset maker HTC, which now faces another trade complaint by Apple. Tuesday, the U.S. International Trade Commission announced it launched an investigation into whether five Apple patents were violated. The new complaint focuses on HTC’s Flyer tablet and many of the company’s smartphones. The ITC could block imports of the devices into the  [Read More…]

Good News, DIYers! New MacBook Airs Have User Upgradeable SSDs

The boys over at iFixIt have started their teardown of the 2011 13-inch MacBook Air, and while much of the construction is similar to last year’s models, there is some good news for DIY upgraders: contrary to rumors, the SSDs have not been soldered to the board, meaning that you can upgrade your Air’s storage down the line. Otherwise, iFixIt doesn’t have much to report this time around, except for  [Read More…]

Article: Exclusive Breaking News: The iCloud Has Been Breached

  We received an exclusive tip from a Robert Petersen that could allows current iDevice owners to access some of Apple’s iCloud services a little sooner than expected. Petersen was able to load up the AppStore and see a new “Purchased” menu, complete with working iCloud download links, as well as in iTunes. Also, in the store settings there are new options for automatically synching Apps and iTunes purchases. All you need is a Jailbroken iOS  [Read More…]

iOS 5 Jailbreak [news]

Recent few weeks we started to hear rumors around the features on the upcoming iOS 5.0 firmware from Apple. Some users expect that iOS 5 will be a revolutionary firmware, iOS 5 will be available for iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 4G, 3G, iPad 1, 2. But what about iOS 5 jailbreak capability ?Before we talking about iOS 5 jailbreak, you may ask yourself a question, why I will update my device to iOS 5  [Read More…]

You May Be Missing Some Updates From Friends In Your Facebook News Feed. Here’s How To Fix It

If you’re a big Facebook user, chances are you’ve run into the odd occasion when you’ve posted an update that apparently nobody saw. It’s like you’ve been cut off from your friends, and while they thought you’d fallen off the face of the planet you’d actually been waxing lyrical with nobody to read it. If it’s happened to you, BookMarketingMaven knows how to fix it.

The problem lies with  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 News

A few days ago we have posted an article telling you that iPhone 5 will release by the next  WWCD 2011 (Worldwide Developers Conference) in early June by Apple.Today One of MacRumors readers asked AT&T customer care rep. about this, according to A&T representative, Apple has officially informed AT&T that there will be no iPhone announcement in the usual June-July timeframe. It’s not real pic of iPhone 5, it’s only such expectationsApple has informed us that they do  [Read More…]

Jailbreak iPad 2 4.3.x [News]

What about Jailbreak iPad 2 ? few hours ago, veeence -which considered as a trusted source for jailbreak news- has announced that iPad 2 jailbreak is almost developed. According to veeence sources, iPad 2 jailbreak will be based on userland exploit which means that we will get something like JailbreakME which will be able to jailbreak iPad 2 running iOS 4.3.2 / 4.3.1 / 4.3.Apparently an A5 (iPad2) jailbreak is almost developed.  [Read More…]

Ultrasn0w 1.3 – Ultrasn0w Unlock 4.3.1 [News]

After we posted Unlock 2.10.04 / 3.10.01 News !  Today MuscleNerd has just announced on his twitter account that he’s going to release a new ultrasn0w today along with the untethered jailbreak on iOS 4.3.1.BTW ultrasn0w needs an update for 4.3.1, so unlockers should wait until that gets pushed out (hopefully also today)Stay tuned for today!