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Cydia Speed [News]

The awJailbreak means installing Cydia on your iOS device as an alternative App Store in which you can install tweaks and apps. As most of our readers use Cydia, you must have noticed it was very slow. Jay Freeman, the brain behind Cydia, has greatly improved Cydia response times and gives it a speed boost. Freeman has announced the news today on his twitter account telling us that he has switched Cydia’s server to the new CDN-ELB stack, this improves  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 specifications [News]

A source of Foxconn (the Chinese factory that produces the iPhone for years) reported that the iPhone 5 has already entered the production line in order to launch very soon, this source also said that the iPhone 5 will be very similar in terms of design to the iPhone 4, Except for two very important differences : the materials used and the size of the screen. This source says that The iPhone 5 has a shape very  [Read More…]

Userland Jailbreak iPad 2 [News]

The All i have posted about current jailbreak tools, specifically which used to jailbreak firmwares starting from iOS 4.0.2 is based on Geohot‘s bootrom exploit (hardware exploit). Apple has patched them [ Limera1n – JailbreakMe – Shatter ] on the newly iPad 2 by upgrading its hardware. This means any early iPad2 jailbreaks will have to be purely userland You have to know that Geohot found his bootrom exploit in October 2010, then it has  [Read More…]