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Designer Marc Newson takes time away from Apple Watch for teapots and toasters

While working for Apple alongside good friend Jony Ive on special projects, like the Apple Watch, industrial designer Marc Newson found time to devote his celebrated sensibilities to two very simple objects. Behold his take on the toaster and the teapot. Simple and clearly fitting for kitchens right now and 100 years from now. Newson […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Marc Newson says auto industry is ‘at the bottom of a trough’

It’s an open secret that Apple is poised to take on the auto industry by with the electric car project it’s developing, and according Apple design guru, Marc Newson, the auto industry is stalled. In a recent interview, the Apple designer touched on a number of topics ranging from his love of fountain pens, favorite […][Read More…]

Marc Newson wants to kick the aluminum bucket in Apple’s design studio

Given how secretive Apple is, it’s no surprise that we know relatively little about the role of Jony Ive’s designer BFF Marc Newson, who works on so-called “special projects” for the company. In a recent interview, however, Newson spilled a…Read more ›

Marc Newson sets a world record with $3.7 million lounger

Looking for a gorgeous chair to sit in while you get to grips with your brand new Apple Watch? If you happen to have a spare seven-figure sum lying around, you could have snapped up this riveted aluminum and fiberglass…Read more ›

Watch Jony Ive and Marc Newson talk Apple Watch with Vogue

Jony Ive and his BFF Marc Newson launched Apple into the luxury market this week with the Apple Watch that straddles the line between gadget and fashion accessory. Earlier this week, Apple’s dynamic designing duo sat down with Vogue’s Suzy…Read more ›

Phil Schiller and Marc Newson show off Apple Watch at design fair in Milan

  The Apple Watch is on display at the Salone Del Mobile design exhibition in Milan, Italy today. Attendees can see the Watch at the Carlo e Camilla in Segheria, a classy restaurant that’s been converted into an exclusive display…Read more ›

Did Marc Newson design the iPhone 5c case?

Nike has announced that they will be re-releasing the Zvezdochka, a line of space-inspired sneakers first designed for Nike ten years ago by Marc Newson, Jony Ive’s BFF and Apple’s newest star designer. Notice anything about them? Yup. They look…Read more ›

Marc Newson is working on a secret Apple project, but only part-time

Apple’s new design guru Marc Newson has barely been at Apple for nearly a month now, but that’s not going to stop him from also working on his own designs – like a fabulous new way to pour yourself a…Read more ›

Jony Ive and Marc Newson show off Apple Watch to crowds at Paris Fashion Week

Apple’s Jony Ive and Marc Newson rubbed elbows with the fashion industry elite today at Colette, a high-end boutique in Paris. Famous fashion designers and members of the press flocked to Colette for a one-day event to see the Apple…Read more ›

9 designs that show how insanely great Marc Newson will be at Apple