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Tim Cook’s newspaper editorial slams anti-gay discrimination

Among the biggest differences between Steve Jobs and Tim Cook as leaders of Apple is Cook’s willingness to use his platform as CEO to push positive social change. Having last week shamed Indiana’s controversial “religious freedom” bill — which potentially…Read more ›

Apple supplier threatens to sue newspaper over cancerous chemicals claim

Apple supplier Foxconn Electronics is reportedly considering legal action against U.K. newspaper The Daily Mail over claims that cleaning agents used in Foxconn’s Shenzhen factory may be to blame for multiple Foxconn employees developing leukaemia. In its recent report, The…Read more ›

Guardian newspaper app delivers a more personalized reading experience

  The Guardian — a.k.a. the British newspaper known for breaking news of the Edward Snowden leaks in 2013 — has just launched its new and improved iOS app. The upgrade adds a cleaner design, alongside a more personalized user…Read more ›

Samsung Allegedly Pushes Newspaper To Kill Coverage Of Anti-Samsung Movie

It’s one thing for Samsung to diss Apple in an ad campaign, but apparently another entirely for filmmakers to diss Samsung. That’s according to a new report, stating that Samsung allegedly pressurized a Korean online newspaper to kill coverage of…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Takes ‘Designed By Apple’ Campaign To Print With Two-Page Newspaper Ad

designedbyappleincaliforniaIt’s been hard to miss Apple’s new ‘Designed by Apple’ ad campaign that has taken over TV the past few days. Apple isn’t content with just a TV commercial though as the company has begun to publish two-page advertisements in newspapers push the campaign forward. Today’s edition of the Toronto Star features a two-page Apple ad of […]

The post Apple Takes ‘Designed By Apple’ Campaign To Print With Two-Page Newspaper Ad appeared  [Read More…]

The Daily Sweetly Sings “So Long, Farewell” To The World’s First iPad-Only Newspaper [Video]

The Daily was the first bold publishing experiment on the iPad, the project that was supposed to be a shining light to show journalism the way through the murky path of the 21st Century.

Instead, it was sadly shut down earlier this month, with December 14th marked as the last day for the world’s first iPad-only newspaper.

Well, today’s December 14th, and the remaining staff of The Daily have opted  [Read More…]

Apple Forced To Admit Defeat To Samsung In Newspaper Ads After Losing Appeal In U.K.

Apple will now have to publish adverts that state Samsung did not copy its design.

Apple has lost its appeal against a High Court ruling in the United Kingdom that deemed the Samsung Galaxy Tab does not infringe its copyright for the iPad. Despite the similarities between the two devices, the Court of Appeal upheld its decision that Samsung did not copy the iPad when producing the Galaxy Tab.

Apple will now  [Read More…]

Control This Cute Little Printer With Your iPhone And Make A Personal Mini Newspaper

Little Printer says hello London based design consultancy BERG have surpassed themselves with their latest idea, simply called Little Printer.   Its a tiny little printer that sits almost anywhere, and connects directly to a custom dongle plugged into your wifi router. This dongle connects to a web-enabled system theyre calling BERG Cloud, which the company describes as a nervous system for connected products. (Full disclosure: Ive worked  [Read More…]

Over 100 Newspaper Front Pages Around The World Mourn Steve Jobs [Gallery]

If you need any more proof of how many lives Steve touched in his 56 years on this world, look no further than any newspaper frontpage in any country or city on Earth. The entire planet is mourning today.   [Read More…]

Newspaper Eyes Creating Subsidized Samsung Tablet

Want another reason why the newspaper industry is going down the tubes? How about this: the owner of the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times wants to create an Android-powered tablet for its subscribers. The device, reportedly to be manufactured by Samsung, is expected to miss a mid-August deadline. The device, an idea of Tribune Co. CEO and DirecTV founder Eddy Hartenstein, would either be offered free or at a low  [Read More…]