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Apple erects giant display worth $1.5 million in ‘next-gen’ retail store

Whether it’s adding tree-lined avenues in store, or high-tech display tables for showing off the Apple Watch or new iPhone, the design of the Apple Store is constantly changing. The latest innovation is a giant floor-to-ceiling promo television display, which can be seen at Apple’s Saddle Creek Store in Germantown, Tennessee. And you thought the 12.9-inch iPad […]

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Apple might spurn Samsung for next-gen iPhone chip

Apple will snub Samsung and call upon TSMC to exclusively produce all of its next-generation A10 processors for 2017’s iOS devices, according to a new report. It’s thought Apple considers TSMC’s chips to be superior to Samsung’s in performance and efficiency. Apple’s new A9 processor, which ships inside the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Here’s how Apple plans to give stores a next-gen makeover

Memphis will be one of the first cities in the U.S. to get a ‘next generation’ Apple Store, as part of Apple’s big retail revamp that’s expected to start later this year. Apple has applied for a $ 1.5 million building permit for a new storefront and interior renovation at 2031 West St, according to a […][Read More…]

This next-gen light bulb is full of futuristic features, and it saves money [Deals]

We’re still waiting for our jetpacks, but at least today’s lightbulbs are properly futuristic. The best example of how far lighting has come is the ilumi A21 Bluetooth Smartbulb, a super-efficient LED light that sports features straight out of sci-fi. And right…Read more ›

Next-gen Apple Watch will reportedly use LG displays exclusively

The Apple Watch just launched seven weeks ago, but people are already speculating what the next generation of wearables is going to look like. And some early reports say that Apple’s sticking with LG to make displays for the Apple…Read more ›

Next-gen drones vie for air supremacy

Comparing two impressive new quadcopters is like comparing a hawk to a falcon. Both birds are impressive. That might make a tough choice for drone enthusiasts looking to upgrade, but for the rest of us, it’s easy: Just watch the…Read more ›

Don’t get too excited about streaming 4K on next-gen Apple TV

Both the iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 secretly support 4K video, but don’t expect the same from the next-generation Apple TV, according to one new report. Citing “sources in position to know,” BuzzFeed News claims that the much-speculated-upon 4th…Read more ›

Samsung will manufacture the A9 chip for Apple’s next-gen iPhone

The battle over who will manufacture the A9 chip for Apple’s next-gen iPhone has reportedly come to a close, with Apple giving the nod to long-time frenemy Samsung instead of current A8 chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC). According to…Read more ›

Next-gen MacBook Air specs leak in alleged screenshots

Screenshots of what appears to be the spec sheet of a next-generation 13-inch MacBook Air were allegedly posted on the Chinese forum site Feng.com today, claiming to reveal new info about Apple’s new notebook lineup. The MacBook Air hasn’t received…Read more ›

Microsoft’s next-gen ‘Spartan’ browser could run on iOS and the Mac

It’s come a long way in recent years, but even so, Internet Explorer may be Microsoft’s most reviled product: a web browser so bad it held web standards back for years. From a Mac fan’s perspective, the best that can…Read more ›