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Tim Cook says next-generation of kids will have no idea what cash is

Tim Cook is so bullish on Apple Pay, the CEO predicted that the next generation of children “will not know what money is”, on a recent visit to the UK. The death of cash will happen sooner than expected, says Cook who told students at Trinity College Dublin that their kids will have no idea […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Get into next-generation console gaming with The PlayStation 4 Giveaway [Deals]

The next generation of console gaming is here and the best of the bunch is the new Playstation 4. It can learn what types of games you like, lets you compare stats with friends, and post to social media sites…Read more ›

Apple Seeking An Engineering Manager To Help With Next-Generation Apple TV


Along with the recent job listing with hints that Apple might bring USB 3.0 support to iOS devices, there’s a second notable job listing that Apple posted today that relates to the future of Apple TV.

We’ve heard a lot of rumors lately that Apple wants to beef up the Apple TV and possibly add more apps and a developer SDK. The creator of the Xbox even thinks Apple can squash  [Read More…]

Next-Generation MacBook Air Will Allow You To Use Three Displays At Once [Rumor]

Your next MacBook Air should support a total of three displays at once via one Thunderbolt connection, according to a leaked roadmap of Intelís plans for its Ivy Bridge processors in 2012. With Appleís next-generation laptops primed to sport Intelís Ivy Bridge silicon, itís very likely that future MacBook Airs and Pros will be able to support two external displays plus the MacBookís built-in screen. According to  [Read More…]

Apple Plans a Secondary Display On Bezel Of Next-Generation iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

PatentlyApple has been watching Apple closely for the patents that folks at Cupertino are filing at USPTO. The recent inclusion assigned to Apple is one of its kind piece of technology. The new revived bezel offers a secondary display built around printed segmented electroluminescence technology for various controls for work and play.

Secondary display is expected to surround the primary display and will only not be used to show  [Read More…]