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Bendgate is back: Watch the Nexus 6P fold insanely easily

Bendgate is back, and this time, it’s an Android device that’s at the center of it. Google’s brand new Nexus 6P, which is being dubbed the company’s best smartphone by critics and consumers, is nowhere near as durable as it is pretty. Check out the video below in which the device scratches, cracks, burns, and […]

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Nexus 5X fingerprint scanner even faster than the iPhone’s

Fingerprint scanners on Android devices have been hit-or-miss (mostly miss) in recent years, but they’re getting a whole lot better. There’s no better example of that than the new Nexus 5X, which is even faster at recognizing your print than the new Touch ID sensor in iPhone 6s. I’m an iPhone 6s owner, and I’m […]

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How Google’s new Nexus phones stack up against the competition

Following their big unveiling in San Francisco this morning, Google’s new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are now available for pre-order. But should you buy one, or is your hard-earned cash better spent elsewhere? To help you decide, here’s a handy comparison that shows you how Google’s latest devices stack up against the competition from […]

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Liveblog: Get the scoop on Google’s new Nexus lineup

After months of leaks and speculation, Google’s new Nexus smartphones are almost here. In just one hour, the company will kick off its big keynote in San Francisco to announce the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P — and maybe even more. You can follow the whole thing in our liveblog right here when the Google event […]

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Android Pay to launch alongside LG’s new Nexus 5 this fall

Google will finally launch Android Pay, its brand new mobile payments service, alongside a refreshed Nexus 5 from LG in October, a new report claims. The Apple Pay competitor will take advantage of Android M’s native support for fingerprint scanners. “LG Electronics is partnering with Google in launching Android Pay, a simple payment service associated with the Android […][Read More…]

Google’s own wireless service could be for Nexus 6 only

Google has already confirmed plans to experiment with its own wireless services to “show what’s possible,” and we know it’s going to be limited in its reach. So limited, in fact, that you might need Google’s own Nexus 6 smartphone to connect…Read more ›

How Apple ruined Google’s plan for a fingerprint scanner in the Nexus 6

Google and Motorola went all out with the Nexus 6 to make it as good as flagship rivals from other manufacturers, but their super-sized handset could have been even better. The device was set to get a fingerprint scanner, according…Read more ›

Does the Nexus 6 have what it takes to tackle Apple’s new iPhones?

Apple’s latest iPhones have been shipping for a few weeks now, but many have been waiting for Google to show its hand before deciding what will be their new smartphone for the next two years. So how does the new…Read more ›

Spec for spec: How Apple’s new iPads stack up to Nexus 9

With Apple and Google announcing new tablets this week, shopping for a new slate just got a lot more interesting. But how do you choose between the Nexus 9 and Apple’s new iPads? They all have the latest and greatest…Read more ›

With Nexus Player, Android TV passes Apple TV — at least for a day

As Apple’s preparing for its second big event in as many months, Google just quietly unleashed an arsenal of new products to push it past Cupertino, including the first real Android TV that will have you ready to ditch your…Read more ›