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This nifty screen protector adds an Android-style ‘back’ button to your iPhone 6

There is plenty that former Android-users won’t miss if they make the jump to iOS, but one thing they might is the iPhone’s lack of an Android-style “back” button — the result of Steve Jobs’ belief that everything about the…Read more ›

Save big on extra storage for you Mac with the Nifty MiniDrive & more top accessories [Deals]

Your Mac computer is a precision device. Take care of it with quality made products designed to complement your Mac’s features, providing you with a more robust computing experience. Take advantage of low prices and free US shipping for the…Read more ›

This nifty Kickstarter project will make it easier to charge all your Apple devices

If you’re looking for a way to charge your Apple devices in the simplest, most hassle-free way possible, you may want to check out the new Kickstarter project, MOS Reach. Acting as an extension of the traditional wall outlet, MOS…Read more ›

Tuesday Deals: Add space to your MacBook with Nifty and get 20% off the Blue Yeti [Deals]

Cult of Mac Deals has some stellar promotions lined up right now, whether you’re looking to up your storage or improve your audio recordingsby adding an external quality microphone to your workflow. For a limited time you can get the…Read more ›

Pelican’s Ruggedized ProGear Vault iPad Air, iPad Mini Cases Come With Nifty Covers

  Unlike LifeProof‘s iPad Air case, Pelican’s new ProGear Vault iPad Air case isn’t waterproof. Also unlike LifeProof’s iPad Air case, the ProGear Vault iPad Air case actually exists, now (since LifeProof’s iPad Air case isn’t here yet, we’re obviously…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Nifty Mini Drive Really Is Nifty [CES2013]

CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – CES isn’t just about the big names. We ran into the folks from Nifty Mini Drive, a successful Kickstarter project which is about to go on general sale. The Nifty is a tiny dongle which house a microSD card, and then slots into your MacBook’s SD card slot.

If you were short-sighted enough  [Read More…]