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Apple expected to bid on Thursday Night Football streaming deal

The NFL is looking for a new partner to host Thursday Night Football, and it appears that Apple may be gunning to make an interception from Yahoo and Google. Traditional networks like CBS, ESPN, Fox, and NBC were all informed by the NFL that it is ready to accept bid for broadcasting rights to its […]

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Star Wars: Uprising is hotter than a night on Hoth inside a tauntaun

There’s been a disturbance in the Force: a free-to-play Star Wars game has arrived for iOS and Android, and it’s surprisingly damn good. Star Wars: Uprising is the first video game that’s actually canon to the new Star Wars Universe, taking place between Return of the Jedi (VI) and the upcoming The Force Awakens (VII). […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Why the Apple Watch is keeping me awake at night

No gadget ever caused me to lose as much sleep as the Apple Watch. I wish I could forget about Apple’s shiny new smartwatch, but the damned thing has me under its spell. It’s the curse of Cupertino, and I’m…Read more ›

Classified thermal imaging and night vision goodies land on eBay

If you search long enough, you can find anything on eBay and Craigslist. That includes lost expensive military equipment that helps soldiers find roadside bombs. The Intercept, an investigative reporting website founded by Glenn Greenwald, obtained a Navy intelligence document…Read more ›

Martin Scorsese narrates Apple’s Oscar Night ad, “Make a film with iPad”

Ahead of tonight’s Academy Awards, Apple has just released a new video celebrating how iOS devices can help filmmakers. Called “Make a film with iPad,” the video shows student directors from the Los Angeles County High School. Directors featured include…Read more ›

Saturday Night Live app loads your iPhone with 40 years of sketches

Saturday Night Live turns forty this year, and what better way to celebrate than by making a sizeable portion of the show’s most classic sketches available to enjoy whenever you want? With that in mind, a newly-launched iOS app boats more than…Read more ›

Can your iPhone survive a night in the snow? Yes.

It’s winter, and that means there’s just tons of snow out there. Ever wonder, though, if your iPhone could survive being frozen in snow? Well, don’t fret: it looks like it can. To see how the iPhone 6 Plus deals…Read more ›

Nightmare Cooperative’s roguelike gameplay will keep you up all night

Roguelike games are a retro treat, hailing back to the earliest computers. They used various ASCII characters to denote dungeon walls and dangerous creatures in an attempt to recreate the experience of playing Dungeons & Dragons. There are many good…Read more ›

Microsoft’s plan to takeover NFL sidelines fumbles on opening night

Microsoft’s plan to takeover the NFL with its Surface tablets hit a few snags during the debut of its new Sideline Viewing System at last night’s Hall of Fame game between the Giants and Bills. As part of the new Sideline Viewing…Read more ›

Adorable puzzler Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake will keep you up all night

This is how my non-gamer girlfriend shows me which games are worth playing: She stays up until 3 a.m., wearing down the iPad mini battery to 22 percent while she tries to solve the next level. This time, she bathed…Read more ›