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Barnes & Nobile Releases New Nook Video App For iOS

Microsoft joins Barnes & Noble in Nook ventureBarnes & Noble’s efforts to become America’s next great tablet maker haven’t really gone too well, so the company announced today that it’s ready to try something new: iOS apps. This morning, Barnes & Noble announced it’s bringing the Nook Video service to iOS, Android and Roku devices, giving users access to a wide range of […]

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Barnes And Noble’s Nook App Gets VoiceOver And Zoom Accessibility

Good news, everyone! Barnes & Noble’s Nook app for iOS has just been updated with support for Apple’s fantastic VoiceOVer accessibility feature, as well as the zoom functionality. This brings the Nook iOS app up to parity with iBooks, the only other iOS e-reader app that can be used by folks with a visual impairment or learning disability to have books read out loud.

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Hacked Nook Simple Touch Runs Like A Classic Mac

Some people dream of flying sheep, but blogger Mike Cane thinks different, dreaming of flying toasters. His dream in November 2011 was to see the classic Macintosh OS running on a nook Simple Touch, the eInk reader from Barnes and Noble. His dream seemed far-fetched, perhaps, even to him, but consider the following specs: Original Macintosh: 68000 Motorola CPU at a blistering 8MHz(!), 128K(!) of RAM, and 512342 screen  [Read More…]

Kindle Fire, Nook Fueling Orders For 7-Inch Displays As iPad 2 Production Slows

Photo by Gadgetmac – http://flic.kr/p/aGaiSV

Remember the infamous Steve Jobs put-down of 7-inch tablet screens, telling reporters buyers would need to file down their fingertips in order to use the darn thing? Although we dont see tinier fingers becoming the in-style for Christmas, suppliers are pumping out more 7-inch screens for the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet and fewer 9.7-inch displays for the iPad 2. In reality, we are seeing  [Read More…]

The New $250 Nook Tablet Beats Both iPad and Kindle Fire In Specs

The Kindle Fire may be shaping up to be the first real device to challenge the iPads share of the tablet market but its not going to go unchallenged: book retailing giant Barnes & Noble have just announced the next generation of their own Android-based reading tablet, and unlike the Kindle Fire, its specs match and even exceed the iPad 2?s for half the price.   The new Nook Tablet is  [Read More…]

Comparing the iPad 2 vs Kindle Fire vs Nook Color

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 vs Nook If youre anxious to compare the new Kindle Fire tablet to the iPad 2, or even the Nook Color, than this handy chart from The Verge makes it nice and easy. What obviously stands out here is that the iPad 2 dominates every conceivable spec in the chart, minus the higher price point of course. For that reason (and others), Im not sure if  [Read More…]

Apple Forces Nook and Kindle Apps to Remove In-App Purchases

The almighty Apple has dropped the e-book bomb on e-reader applications for iOS forcing Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Canada-based Kobo to alter in-app purchases in their applications. All three companies have altered their apps to fall in line with Apple’s new requirements regarding in-app subscriptions. Before the new agreement companies could put links in their apps sending users to an external site to sign up for subscriptions or make purchases and avoid paying Apple  [Read More…]