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How To Access Notification Center From Your Lock Screen [Jailbreak]

Have you ever wanted to check the weather or look at stocks without unlocking your iPhone? A tweak called Bulletin lets you access the iOS 5 Notification Center from your jailbroken device’s lock screen. This simple tweak costs $ 0.99 in Cydia and can be configured in the Settings app. You can enable or disable Bulletin at any time in Settings, and there’s even some  [Read More…]

[Review] NCColors – Change the Hue of Notification Center

Notification Center is an awesome part about iOS 5, but Apple’s failure to include any kind of configuration to appearance has been a melancholy feeling for iOS users everywhere. As jailbreaking comes to the rescue again, another great customization tool for Notification Center has surfaced. Dubbed NCColors by iOS developer Pathkiller29, this jailbreak tweak allows you to change the hue and appearance of your notification center is RGB sliders and another heavily requested feature. The settings  [Read More…]

How To Check Your iPhone’s Data Usage From The iOS 5 Notification Center [Jailbreak]

A really nifty jailbreak widget for iOS 5?s Notification Center is now available in Cydia. WeeTrackData lets you quickly check your iPhone’s data usage from Notification Center, and you can set a monthly limit to make sure you don’t exceed your allowance. While most Notification Center widgets seem to be rather trivial functionality-wise, WeeTrackData is one of the first jailbreak widgets with some real practicality. Developed by Albert Schulz, WeeTrackData  [Read More…]

[Review] WeeLyrics – Display Lyrics in Notification Center

How would you like to have your song lyrics displaying in Notification Center? Do you listen to a lot of music? Yes? Do you spend a lot of time in Notification Center? No? Then here’s a reason to; you can view your song lyrics of your currently playing song in your Notification Center with a brand new third party widget dubbed WeeLyrics by iOS developer DjKira. It will set you back 99¢ to get it, but  [Read More…]

[Review] QuickTweet – Tweet From Notification Center

See that little Twitter button in the bottom left corner of Notification Center? Twitter is fun. iOS is fun. Apple put them together in iOS 5 with deep Twitter integration. One thing that Apple didn’t include was the ability to make bare Tweets without adding some kind of photo or location. You normally need to jailbreak and compose a Tweet using Activator or some other third party tweak like TwitkaFly or the free TwitkaFly Lite.  [Read More…]

[Review] Lorem – Swipe Notification Center Dismissal!

Meet a new way to dismiss Notification Center notifications! Great news folks, if you don’t like the way that Notification Center makes you dismiss notifications by tapping on the ‘X’ button and then tapping on the ‘Clear’ button, then you might be interested to hear about this really cool new way to dismiss your Notification Center notifications. The jailbreak tweak has been dubbed Lorem by iOS developer iStopped. It works by allowing you to swipe to dismiss a  [Read More…]

[Review] TelOnNotification – Make Phone Calls From Notification Center

This is a nice Notification Center widget that lets you make calls. This is a nice Notification Center widget that lets you make calls. You have an iPhone, but where’s the Phone? Is it on your home page, your second page, your third page? Is it on your dock? I don’t know! Well now, you never have to not know again. If you need to make a call but you find that looking for your  [Read More…]

[Review] WeeSlide for Notification Center – A Mini Utility Widget

Are you a minimalist that wants nice-looking toggles in your Notification Center? Check this out! Notification Center comes with two main widgets – weather and stocks. They’re beautiful, but they’re limited. You can’t really use them for anything. One of the biggest parts of jailbreaking iOS 5 is improving upon the Notification Center, such that we create countless third party widgets to make it more useful in our every day lives. If you enjoy the  [Read More…]

Flowtation Brings A Cool New Notification Center Animation to iOS!

Looking for more cool tweaks for your newly jailbroken iPhone 4S? Try Flowtation! Notification Center, the widget and notification manager that ships with iOS 5 is pretty amazing. We have seen numerous attempts to make it more useful through adding widgets and making it available on our lock screen with IntelliScreenX, but one thing that we haven’t seen yet is the ability to change the animations that appear when you invoke it. That is where  [Read More…]

[Review] Change the Background Image of Notification Center

Now you can easily change the background of your Notification Center. There have been numerous attempts to make the Notification Center customizable. Whether it be by themes or by SSH, neither situation was pleasant to deal with. Today, a new jailbreak tweak called Custom NC Background has found itself onto the Cydia store. It’s by the same iOS developer that brought us Applocker; Ori Kadosh. Before you say that you could always do this in the past, read  [Read More…]