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Block Numbers From Calling, Messaging You In iOS 7 beta [iOS Tips]

blocked numbers iOS 7 beta

Remember that any of the iOS 7 beta features and tips we share with you could change before the latest mobile operating system from Apple hits the streets this coming fall.

Also, be sure that you’re not using a beta iOS 7 on an iPhone you need to get work done on–-Apple has provided it without guarantee for developers to start working with, not for you to  [Read More…]

Dial & Convert Vanity Phone Numbers Easily on the iPhone

You’re probably aware that iPhone will automatically detect phone numbers in web pages, allowing you to tap directly on a phone number and choose to call that number, send it a message, add it to Contacts, or to copy it to the clipboard. The tap-to-dial function is easily the quickest way to call a number found on the web:

Dial a number quickly with a tap and hold

But what  [Read More…]

Use The Plus Key On Your iPhone To Dial International Numbers [iOS Tips]

Plus Symbol

It used to be that in order to call a number overseas from the US, you’d dial a number like this one: 011 44 55 5555 5555. These days, however, it’s more common to see a number like this: + 44 55 5555 5555. But where do you find that plus symbol?

We’re here to tell you.

Launch your Phone app on your iPhone and notice the little plus  [Read More…]

Dial International Phone Numbers from iPhone the Easy Way Using the +Plus Prefix

Dial International phone numbers from the iPhone

Dialing international phone numbers can be done by prefixing a phone number with the current countries exit code (011 for USA), the country code of the number you are calling, and then the phone number you are dialing. This ends up being a fairly long string of numbers that is infinitely confusing to those who don’t dial foreign numbers often, like 011 86 10  [Read More…]

Here Are All The Important Numbers From Today’s Apple Earnings Call


Apple just posted one of their most successful financial quarters ever. A bunch of records were broken for iPad sales, iPhone sales, net revenue, and net profit.

Sorting through the pile of information and numbers Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer just gave us can make your head spin, so we’ve broken it down for you. Here are the most important numbers you need to know from today’s earnings call:

The Positives  [Read More…]

No Power, No Gas, Buy NYers Still Line Up In Record Numbers For iPad Mini

The line for the iPad mini at the Apple Store on 5th Ave.

Despite millions of people living without power, or gas, and a crippled public transit system, New Yorkers have flocked to the Apple Stores in record numbers to buy the iPad mini.

Yesterday we assumed that the 5th Avenue Apple Store would see shorter crowds thanks to the effects of hurricane Sandy. The lack of public transportation combined with the  [Read More…]

Apple’s Q4 2012 Results By The Numbers: $121.3 Billion In Cash And Crazy Growth Across The Board

“Yay, we’re making Apple so much money!”

“We’re very proud to end a fantastic fiscal year with record September quarter results,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook in today’s fourth quarter earnings report. “We’re entering this holiday season with the best iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod products ever, and we remain very confident in our new product pipeline.”

While Apple didn’t see a ‘blowout’ quarter this time around, things are still looking  [Read More…]

Use Field Test Mode to See True iPhone Signal Strength as Numbers Instead of Bars

iPhone cell signal bars are shown as numbers rather than bars with Field Test mode

Field Test Mode is a hidden feature on the iPhone which allows you to see technical details of the device, the most useful of which is the true signal strength displayed as a number rather than the traditional signal bars.

Entering Field Test Mode on iPhone

This will work on any iPhone model except the original:

  [Read More…]

Beyond The Numbers: What Tim Cook Really Said In Apples Q3 2012 Financial Call

Beyond just offering up the latest quarterly financial numbers, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave us glimpses of where Apple is heading.

Beyond the numbers, there were some tantalizing tidbits about Apple and the company’s future plans during today’s quarterly financial call. While nothing quite lived up to Tim Cook comparing Windows 8 to someone trying to converge a toaster and a refrigerator into a single device during the last call, there were  [Read More…]

Apples Q3 2012 Earnings Call By The Numbers

iPhone and iPad continued to grow, the Mac outpaced the PC industry for a 25th quarter – just a couple of facts from Apple’s latest financial call.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer presented the results of the company’s spring 2012 quarter. The quarter included extensive growth for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac product lines though iPod sales declined 10% from the same quarter a year ago.

Here are the  [Read More…]