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It’s nuts how far the original iPhone was ahead of the competition

It seems like just yesterday in many ways that Apple released the first iPhone, but it was actually the better part of a decade ago. Even so, it took the better part of that “better part of a decade” for…Read more ›

This crazy calendar bug in iOS 8 is driving people nuts

A weird bug in iOS 8’s Calendar app has been making people pull their hair out for months. When adding events using either a Google or Microsoft Exchange server, the time zone is randomly synced to GMT. Complaints started surfacing around…Read more ›

Go nuts for donuts in the Torque Burnout driving game for iOS

From Need for Speed Most Wanted to Real Racing 3, there are some great driving-based games for iOS. None are quite like Torque Burnout, though. Promising to combine the most fun bits of every racing game ever into a standalone…Read more ›

Wall Street’s Nuts, Here’s Proof Apple’s Innovating As Fast As It Ever Has


Wall Street has spent most of the last six months hyperventilating about the future of Apple, chomping at their fingernails and openly wondering if Apple is taking too long to innovate in the post-Jobs era.

Over at the Apple Gazette, Robin Parrish has put together a simple graphic, showing Apple’s historic product pillars. Essentially, if you add it all up, the average time between major product pillars for Apple is three  [Read More…]