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Obama warns against ‘absolutist views’ on encryption

President Obama was in Austin for the opening day of the South by Southwest Interactive festival, and talk turned inevitably to the current tension between law enforcement and tech companies on subjects like security and citizen privacy. The President couldn’t comment on the specific, ongoing case that has Apple and the FBI fighting over whether […]

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Obama shuns Apple Music to share vacation playlists

“Welcome to Spotify, Mr. President,” tweeted the streaming music giant on Friday morning. That’s right: the President of the United States just shared two vacation playlists and he didn’t use Apple Music. The two music lists, titled “The President’s Summer Playlist: Day,” and “The President’s Summer Playlist: Night” contain 20 songs each, showing an eclectic […][Read More…]

Live stream: Tim Cook and Obama talk cybersecurity

Tim Cook and President Obama are attending today’s White House Cyber Security Summit to talk about a range of issues facing the U.S. tech industry. Mark Zuckerberg, Marrisa Mayer, and Google CEO Larry Page all decline invites to the summit…Read more ›

Big Black Friday Apple deals and Obama backs an open internet on The CultCast

This week: huge news in the fight for an open internet; Youtube’s Music service confuses us; Apple Pay is like, the payment method of the future, man; big Black Friday deals on Apple’s newest gadgets; the go-to apps we keep…Read more ›

Obama openly lusts after iPhone 6 at United Nations

President Obama, sadly, does not have an iPhone 6. But he totally wants one, leading him to openly lust after Apple’s newest handset in a meeting Tuesday at the United Nations. According to a report by The New York Times,…Read more ›

President Obama makes smartphone unlocking legal again

A new smartphone unlocking bill has made its way through the Senate and House of Representatives, and now it’s getting the seal approval from President Obama. Today The White House announced that Obama will sign the “Unlocking Consumer Choice and…Read more ›

Former Obama Spokesman Jay Carney still rumored to be considering Apple PR job

Is former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney talking to Apple about becoming its new head of PR? That’s the question still circulating around Silicon Valley after a pair of conflicting reports came out earlier this week. According to a…Read more ›

President Obama Shoots Video Using iPad To Show Importance Of Digital Learning

President Obama used an iPad for an impromptu interview during a recent appearance at a Maryland middle school. The President — who has previously claimed that he spends hours using the iPad each day — seemed perfectly at home as…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Obama Is A ‘House Of Cards’ Fan, And Tim Cook Says They Had A “Great Meeting” Today

Yesterday the White House announced that President Obama would be meeting with a number of tech executives today about HealthCare.gov, the NSA, and how tech is converging the public and private sectors. Another topic of discussion ended up being Netflix’s…Read more ›    [Read More…]

President Obama Meeting With Tim Cook And Other Leaders Tomorrow To Talk Tech

The White House has announced that President Obama is scheduled to meet with a number of top-level tech executives in the industry tomorrow, including Apple’s Tim Cook. Topics of discussion will be the recent controversy surrounding the NSA’s phone surveillance, HealthCare.Gov, and…Read more ›    [Read More…]