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Conan O’Brien shows us how to fix Apple Watch’s tattoo problem

Apple Watch has a known issue where it doesn’t exactly play nice with tattoos. For some wearers with dark wrist tattoos the device can’t detect if you have a pulse, but according to Conan O’Brien, it’s not really glitch if…Read more ›

Conan O’Brien spoofs iCloud hacking in YouTube video

Jimmy Kimmel is the talk show host most likely to chime in on an Apple-related topic, but with the recent news about dozens of celebrity nude images being leaked thanks to iCloud hacking, Conan O’Brien has also chipped in with…Read more ›

Conan O’Brien DIY video reveals how to make your own iPad

For those tired of shelling out a few hundred bucks every time Cupertino announces a new iPad with the most minor of upgrades, late night TV show host Conan O’Brien has teamed up with comedian Matt Walsh to create a…Read more ›

Conan O’Brien Rips on iPad Mini in Hilarious Fake Commercial [Video]

Conan Rips on iPad Mini

Conan O’Brien has has long been a Mac fan, but that doesn’t stop the Conan Show from ripping on everyones favorite fruit company in a reliably hilarious manner. The latest offers a revised look at the iPad Mini commercial which aired during the unveiling event, and adds some new lyrics to Heart and Soul being played in Garageband… no spoilers, just watch the video embedded below for  [Read More…]

Conan O’Brien Discovers Apple’s Secret iPad Mini Commercial [Video]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jmx3VJSQ6_I]

Each time Apple releases a new product, American TV show hosts rush out with their jokes about it. Conan O’Brien consistently comes out with the best Apple jokes, and he’s got another great one with this new video that uncovers the real reason why you want to buy an iPad mini.

Source: YouTube

Conan O’Brien: The iPhone 5′s Best Feature? Capturing Your Penis In Panorama [Video]

Conan O’Brien loves to do bits on the latest Apple product, and the latest iPhone 5 feature to become the fodder for laughs is the new Panorama feature, which Chris Parnell & Deon Cole says is the perfect photographic equipment for the well-endowed male. While Deon Cole’s delivery is perfect, it’s Chris Parnell’s matter-of-fact dissection of the joke — “that Deon is implying that his penis is too large to be capture in a normal camera aspect ratio’s field  [Read More…]

Apple-Samsung Trial Day 10, Samsung Royalty Analyst Vincent O’Brien on Stand [Liveblog]

After the amusing skirmish between the Judge and attorneys on late-filing motions and a quick five-minute testimony from a survey expert, we get a bigger fish to fry in Samsung royalty analyst Vincent O’Brien. He is testifying about similar but separate findings than the earlier witnesses.

11:18AM: O’Brien talks about his experience testifying in U.S Court for royalty rates. He has worked for the U.S. Justice department in “matters to do with economic  [Read More…]

Conan O’Brien Takes On The Apple Vs. Samsung Case Tonight

Totally different – this is a T-Shirt, not a mock turtleneck.

In a funny sneak preview clip, embedded below, Conan O’Brien plays a video from a “Samsung VP,” Nick Wood, who appears in the video to tell us all how innovative and completely different Samsung’s products are from Apple’s.

“And what about our Galaxy Tablet?” says the fake VP, while an image of the iPad next to a very similar Galaxy  [Read More…]