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Enable Button Shapes in iOS to Improve Usability & Make Tap Targets Obvious

One of the major changes that came along with the iOS visual overhaul was the removal of obvious buttons across the operating system and apps found on the iPhone and iPad. While the result is a cleaner, flatter, and more streamlined appearance in iOS, many users have found the removal of obvious buttons to be … Read More

Comics’ best supervillains (and not just the obvious ones)

Who’s the baddest of the bad? Got your own favorite underappreciated supervillain? Let us know in the comments below.

Make iOS Settings Toggles a Bit More Obvious (and Geeky) with Binary On & Off Labels

Earlier versions of iOS used to make it very obvious when a Settings toggle was enabled or disabled by showing “ON” and “OFF” text within the button switch itself. While new versions of iOS have removed those word based cues in favor of color indicators (green for on, white for off), there remains an option … Read More

Comcast Reassures Us About The Obvious: A New Apple TV Is Coming

You may have heard that Comcast wants to buy Time Warner. In a proposal published today that pitches the merger to the FCC, Comcast drops a hint about Apple’s future plans for the TV. Although by no means a definite…

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Analyst Firm Predicts iPhone 5 to Be Made in Q3, Points Out Obvious

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Analysts at FBR Capital Markets are predicting Apple’s latest installment of the “iconic smartphone” will be manufactured in the third fiscal quarter of 2011, and released later in the year.

They are also reporting Charlie Sheen is still crazy.

And the moon isn’t composed of cheese.

The report drops other bombshells, including the iPhone 5 will have have an 8-megapixel camera, and a single baseband communications chip  [Read More…]