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This giant octopus is a sucker for good TV host

Who knew watching a guy get a bunch of hickeys would make interesting television? When the affection comes from a giant Pacific octopus, you can’t help but be a little jealous of Matt Baker, a presenter for the BBC’s new Big Blue Live series. Baker, feeling a bit jet-lagged after flying from England to the […][Read More…]

Octopus tries to eat camera that made him famous

GoPro may have a new celebrity endorser, but he seems like a real sour pus. An octopus in the neuroscience lab at Middlebury College apparently did not like having a GoPro placed in its tank. It turned the camera around…Read more ›

‘Octopus Keyboard’ Makes Typing Even Better On iOS

Typing on a small mobile screen like that of the iPhone can be very cumbersome, so why not decrease the workload and let the software help you with the typing? A new jailbreak tweak called†Octopus Keyboard†by iOS developer†Mario Hros†will allow the keyboard to guess at the words you are most likely trying to spell so you donít have to manually type those words all the way out. With the way the keyboard works, you might  [Read More…]

This Rollerskate Octopus Tripod Will Help You Do Bullet-Time Videos On Your iPhone

This strange, rollerskating octopus? Itís a GorillaPod dolly for photographers and cinematographers as well as a time lapse photography tool that not only allows fluid camera movement around a subject (think Matrix-style bullet time), but have wheels that are smartly marked for time lapse photography, allowing you to move them a specific amount every frame. It works with any camera, including the iPhone. Cineskateís maker, Justin Jensen, is trying to get the project off the ground over at Kickstarter. A  [Read More…]