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Official Instapaper Safari Extension Now Available

Under its previous owner, Instagram was a good-but-limited iOS app with a barely functional website component. Under its new ownership at Betaworks, the app has slowly become part of a great ecosystem, with the latest addition being a Safari extension.… Read more ›     

North Korea is a bizarre place, in which DPRK dictatorship denies its population any interaction with the West, even as the government’s elite drinks Cristal with Dennis Rodman. In such a regime, you might not be surprised to know that… Read more ›     

Robocop: The Official Game by Glu Games Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Price: Free As I’m guessing may be the case for a number of Cult of Mac readers of a certain age, the original 1987… Read more ›     

The BBC has updated its official BBC Sport app, introducing support for the iPad and Android-powered tablets. The new release also makes usability and stability improvements, and allows those on Android to listen to live radio — including Premier League… Read more ›     

Many of the stats we have about iOS marketshare and demographics come from third-party companies, most of whom are tracking ad impressions within their network. As such, their stats have the potential of being inaccurate, and need to be taken… Read more ›     

Official 100 Pushups — Health & Fitness — Free Recently, I realized that I didn’t even want to look at myself without a shirt on. So I downloaded the new official 100 Pushups app, and it claims it can do… Read more ›     

The official iPhone 5c case isn’t exactly Apple’s most widely acclaimed product design ever. Even if you love it, you have to admit it looks a lot like those brightly-colored, foam rubber shoes with the holes in them known as… Read more ›     

Kim Dotcom’s questionably-legal controversial cloud storage service, Mega, now has an official iPhone app. Designed specifically for iOS 7, the new app lets users manage their accounts and files on the go. Not only can you see your files in… Read more ›     

Today Twitter announced a couple of new features that are coming to its official iOS and Google Play apps. The first is search filters for easily discovering different types of media, like photos or video. You can also toggle the… Read more ›     

The official Google Music app for iOS, which will allow Google Play Music All Access subscribers to enjoy the music streaming service on iPhone and iPad, is now “imminent,†a reliable source reports. We initially expected the app to arrive…

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