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Apple begins selling official Watch charging dock

Apple today launched an official $ 79 charging dock for the Apple Watch, which functions both as a flat charging puck and in Nightstand mode — giving you the option of either charging your smartwatch in a flat position with the band open, or else on its side. The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock uses the […]

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It’s official: Apple Watch will grow on you

A recent study that measured the brain activity of people using the Apple Watch suggests that even the most skeptical of users came to like the wearable after some hands-on time with it. The findings come from “neuromarketing” group eMerite, which connected electroencephalograms to 20 people and studied their reactions as they tried out different […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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India is finally getting its own official Apple Stores, thanks to a partnership with local consumer electronics chain Croma. The six new retail stores will be opened inside existing Croma stores in India, much like the store-in-a-store model used by Apple during the 1990s. Despite this, they will feature the familiar Apple Store look and […]

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Official Steve Jobs movie poster is insanely great

After years of speculation, we’ve finally got the official movie poster for the forthcoming Steve Jobs biopic — and, man, does it ever look great! Keeping to the same minimalist style as the Walter Isaacson book jacket it’s based on, the poster shows Michael Fassbender striking a typically Jobsian pose, complete with plenty of white […]

As a key driver in Bluetooth-related innovation, Apple has today been announced as a new promoting member of the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group.) Giving Apple voting rights on Bluetooth SIG corporate matters, as well as a continual seat on… Read more ›

Apple publishes official workaround for Messages bug

Chances are you’ve heard about the iOS bug that lets users send a string of text to another iPhone owner that causes their Messages app to crash and their iPhone to reboot. Although Apple has yet to fix the Messages bug… Read more ›

The official Apple Watch user guide is now available

Ready to master your Apple Watch before it even lands on your doorstep? We’ve already rounded up Apple’s video tutorials on the Apple Watch, but in case you want to dive deep into all the features the unique timepiece has… Read more ›

Apple still hasn’t opened an official store in the Middle East — and in Dubai that has allowed some otherwise past-it brands to not only eke out a modest existence but to thrive, complete with upmarket retail stores in shiny shopping malls. Posted… Read more ›

Meet the official cast of the Steve Jobs movie

Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie has been down a hard road on its way to production. Disasters like fickle actors and directors have plagued the project, but filming is finally underway in San Francisco as we speak, and for the… Read more ›

The AMBER Alert network in your area is about to get more effective. Social networking giant Facebook announced today that it would be teaming up with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to provide AMBER Alerts through its… Read more ›