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Delete All Photos from iPhone At Once

Delete all iPhone photos at once

Pictures can take up a lot of space on an iOS device so it’s a fairly reasonable thing to want to delete them all from an iPhone to clear up some space. For whatever reason, Photos isn’t included in the app storage Usage list despite being counted against available storage, so you can’t just easily swipe to delete all the images from a central location like  [Read More…]

E3 2012 Proves Once And For All That Apple Is Winning At Gaming

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is an invite-only event that centers on the video gaming industry. Held across two massive halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center, it is a draw for any journalist interested in games and gaming, and a source of endless news stories during the week in June it’s typically held. No matter where I looked at the Expo this year, I saw mobile games and mobile  [Read More…]

Once More Unto The Breach, Apple Files For Another Galaxy Tab Ban

According to Foss Patents, Apple filed a motion for an immediate US ban of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 yesterday. This comes in the wake of Monday’s Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruling that was partially in favor of Apple. If Apple’s motion succeeds, there will then be a US ban in place against three major Android device makers. Last December, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) banned specific  [Read More…]

Gallon of Gasoline Could Charge Your iPhone Once a Day for 20 Years

Bill Colton, a VP at ExxonMobil, recently claimed that one gallon of ExonnMobil gasoline (because it’s so much different from every other gasoline) has enough power to charge an iPhone once a day from twenty years. Gasoline harnesses a lot of energy no doubt, but it seems odd to tout a fuel’s ability to power the iPhone when that fuel is usually used to move 3,000 pound vehicles around. Honestly, it seems quite logical that  [Read More…]

Next-Generation MacBook Air Will Allow You To Use Three Displays At Once [Rumor]

Your next MacBook Air should support a total of three displays at once via one Thunderbolt connection, according to a leaked roadmap of Intel’s plans for its Ivy Bridge processors in 2012. With Apple’s next-generation laptops primed to sport Intel’s Ivy Bridge silicon, it’s very likely that future MacBook Airs and Pros will be able to support two external displays plus the MacBook’s built-in screen. According to  [Read More…]

Occupy Flash: Let’s Kill Flash Once And For All Because HTML5 Is The 99%

Forget Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Oakland, Occupy Boston and all the rest of the 995 protests. The Occupy movement is now coming to your browser, but not how you’d expect: they want to eliminate Adobe Flash from all web browsers.   The movement is called Occupy Flash, and it was started by a handful of indie web developers who want to get people to finally  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Once Wanted To Turn Apple Into A Carrier And Use The iPhone To Destroy At&T

Steve Jobs’s legacy on the mobile industry is uncontested, but instead of just changing the balance of power between handset makers and the carriers, Jobs’s original vision was even more revolutionary: he wanted Apple to become a carrier using unlicensed Wi-Fi spectrum.   According to venture capitalist and wireless industry legend John Stanton, “[Steve Jobs] wanted to replace carriers” from 2005 to around 2007. “He and I spent a lot  [Read More…]

Griffin’s MultiDock Syncs and Charges 10 iPads At Once

The Griffin MultiDock aims to fix a problem that most of us never have to deal with: charging and syncing 10 iPads at once. This $ 700 piece of technology calls itself, “the complex, flexible way to charge and store multiple iPads.” You can daisy chain three of these bad boys together to create a hub that can charge/sync 30 glorious iPads. Each unit holds 10 iPads and features an LED indicator for individual battery  [Read More…]

Once Magazine Presents A Smart New iPad Format For Photographers

Once magazine Once is a new photography magazine for iPad, but it’s one with a nice twist: the publishers plan to share income with the contributors.   I’ve just spent an enjoyable hour going through the first (free) edition and I’m impressed. Much thought has gone into making sure that this is more than just a slideshow of photographs. The three photo stories in this edition include plenty  [Read More…]

Samsung Planning to Sue Apple Once iPhone 5 Hits Korea

Even before it has even appeared on shelves, the iPhone 5 already is set for a lawsuit. Samsung plans to challenge Apple in court to prevent the next-generation handset reaching South Korean soil, according to a Monday report. “Just after the arrival of the iPhone 5 here, Samsung plans to take Apple to court for its violation of Samsung’s wireless technology related patents,” an unnamed Samsung senior executive told the Korea  [Read More…]