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Swatch claims ‘One more thing’ trademark isn’t a jab at Apple. Yeah, right.

Swatch has denied that its trademarking of Steve Jobs’ famous “One more thing” phrase was a blatant attempt to troll Apple — arguing instead that it’s part of a new film noir-inspired watch line, referencing Peter Falk’s Columbo character. Yes, that’ll do. And Android’s blatant borrowing of the iOS interface was just a funny coincidence […][Read More…]

AT&T Plans To Launch Pre-Paid ‘All In One’ Brand On June 15th


It’s no secret that AT&T is the least affordable carrier for the iPhone in the U.S. While T-Mobile has quickly rebranded itself as “The UnCarrier” and other prepaid carriers have attracted customers with their flexible plans and cheaper service, AT&T has clung to its expensive data and phone plans. All that might be ending soon though.

AT&T is planning to launch a pre-paid brand called ‘All In One” on June 15th  [Read More…]

Why Apple Will Never Surprise Us With ‘One More Thing’ Ever Again

The iPad mini, leaked months before it debuts.

Earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook famously said that Cupertino was going to “double down on secrecy” this year. It hasn’t worked. Apple — once a company known for the surprise “one more thing” — had every single detail of the iPhone 5 leaked to the public before the actual event. Can Apple ever get its secrecy back?

Probably not. A new report  [Read More…]

The White iPhone 4 Is Thicker Than The Black One. Except When It Isnt

Ah, the humble white iPhone. When Apple first announced it way back in 2010 nobody could foresee the headline making chaos that would ensue and certainly nobody could have predicted we’d still be debating the handset all these months later. Even more amazing is what we’re all getting so hot under the collar about – is the white iPhone thicker than the black one? Well, kinda, yeah.

A few  [Read More…]