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Wikipad 7 and OnLive team up for high-end PC gaming on your tablet

If you’re ready to play big-name triple-A PC games on a mobile tablet, gaming companies WikiPad and OnLive have you covered. Using game-streaming technologies from OnLive’s CloudLift service, the Wikipad 7 will allow you to play full high-end PC games,…Read more ›

Run Windows & Microsoft Office on the iPad for Free with OnLive Desktop

Windows on iPad with OnLive Desktop Want to run Windows 7 right on an iPad? OnLive Desktop does exactly that, letting you access a cloud-based Windows 7 PC directly from iOS. Complete with the full Microsoft Office 2010 suite, you can use Word, Excel, and Powerpoint with full touch controls, and believe it or not it’s actually really fast and fluid. Amazingly, this is free for the first 2GB of virtual  [Read More…]

Microsoft: If You’re Using OnLive Desktop, You’re A Pirate

Earlier this year, OnLive debuted its OnLine Desktop app for the iPad. The app offers users a virtual desktop environment that includes Windows 7, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, and Internet Explorer (which allows iPad users to watch Flash-based web content). The service comes in both free and paid versions that include 2GB of cloud storage and OnLive plans to expand the service with more advanced plans for both end users  [Read More…]

OnLive Desktop For iPad Adds Flash And Other Features, Announces Plans For Business

Last month, OnLive launched its free cloud-based Windows desktop app for the iPad. OnLive Desktop provides iPad users with a cloud-based Windows 7 desktop that comes complete with the standard Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and 2GB of storage. This week, the cloud-gaming company expanded the features and storage available to OnLive Desktop users via new subscription plans – one of the most notable being that OnLive Desktop  [Read More…]

OnLive Desktop Is Now Available For Your iPad

OnLive made headlines earlier this week when the company announced a new iPad app at CES which brings Windows 7 to the iPad, allowing you to run Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Those of you who are interested in the app and you live in the U.S., you can grab it now, for free, from the App Store. The free download provides you with access to a  [Read More…]

CES 2012: OnLive Introduces Virtual Windows 7 Desktop App for the iPad

The somewhat popular video game streaming company OnLive has announced a free, streaming, virtual Microsoft Windows 7 desktop app for the iPad. The OnLive Desktop app which was announced at CES will eventually expand to other platforms, including the Mac. Users will have access to full-featured versions of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. With applications running on high-end computing clusters in OnLive’s data centers, the only thing that might hold off performance is the network  [Read More…]

OnLive Announces Free iPad App To Access a Cloud-Based Windows Desktop

The same company that brought top-shelf game titles to the Mac is soon planning to bring many of those same games to the iPad. Today, though, OnLive has announced an app that lets you view and use Windows 7 applications on your iPad. It’s free, and it’ll hit the App Store this Thursday.   The app will come with 2 GB of cloud storage space for free, and grant access  [Read More…]

Play These Scary Games for Free at OnLive This Weekend

For all those kids out there frenziedly ringing doorbells or knocking on doors till your knuckles hurt: If no one’s coming out to rain candy into your little plastic jack-o-lantern, they’re probably just taking advantage of OnLive’s Halloween weekend of temporarily free-to-play games and too busy to come to the door. OnLive selected four Halloween-appropriate games — Orcs Must Die, F.E.A.R. 3, Metro 2033 and Amnesia — and is allowing  [Read More…]

OnLive Brings Cloud Based Gaming to iPad

OnLive announced today that it will be bringing its cloud-based gaming service to the iPad in the autumn of 2011. Currently, OnLive has about 100 games to choose from, giving users unlimited gameplay for $9.99 a month. OnLive’s entire library of games will be available to iPad users when it is released. The current version of the OnLive Viewer app for iPad doesn’t support gameplay as of yet. It only gives you a window to watch  [Read More…]